Matt Drudge ‘Unleashed’ on Twitter

Conservative News Update:

UC Berkeley Leftists LOVE Rand Paul

Conservative News Update:

Matt Drudge was giddy about how well received Rand Paul was at a Marxist University such as Berkeley. I think he has a crush on the Libertarian Messiah.

The FAR LEFT and Libertarians both want to shatter U.S. Foreign Intelligence, National Security and the Military, because they want to AID THE ENEMY. Very easy for me to see….


Conservative claims Matt Drudge refused his $5,000 ad about Frank Marshall Davis

Conservative News Update:

Cliff Kincaid claims that Matt Drudge denied to accept his ad about Frank Marshall Davis. I am not sure when this took place, but I am posting it anyway.

This story is interesting, but I am not shocked since Matt Drudge is pals with Alex Jones. ‘Real Conservative’ Cliff Kincaid loves to expose and target the Infowars Guru that Drudge links to his website. I don’t believe Alex Jones was the reason for Drudge not running the ad, but I am just showing ‘who’ Matt likes to associate with. Jones is one of the shadiest characters on the Internet.

Here is a copy of the ‘not so controversial’ ad that Drudge reportedly refused to run for Cliff Kincaid. Pay me $5,000 and I will be glad to advertise it.

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Diane Feinstein Crosses Matt Drudge’s ‘Red Line’


I guess the Democrats don’t want bloggers to undermine their ‘paid operatives’ in the media?

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1998: Video of Matt Drudge’s Speech on Internet Media

Steve Cooper


The arrogant and biased liberals in the media despise Matt Drudge, because he exposed a Clinton scandal that they tried to hide from the American people. ‘Journalists’ badly want to control what information the people have access to and they don’t support freedom of the press by any means. Isn’t that ironic?

Websites like the Drudge Report, Worldnetdaily and The Conservative Monster are the true meaning of free press, because we are not corporate owned and bound to a certain script. Anything goes and that is something that Liberals hate, because they are all about control of everything…the people and media included. They want to control your thoughts as well with their liberal bias and the Internet has thrown a monkey wrench into that, but for how long?

It is only a matter of time before wretched Marxists that pose as Liberals and Progressives get their filthy hands on the Internet control switch.


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