Democrats shout ‘McCarthyism’ to deflate allegations that Govt Agencies targeted Conservative

Conservative News Update:

McCarthyism? Communism is already here, but nobody has the guts to say it…

Watch this interview with Megyn Kelly and Congressman Jordan to see how bad things have gotten. Even my Uncle, who has always been a moderate that didn’t believe my warnings (since 2003) is now admitting that “I WAS RIGHT”.

The Congressman that shouted McCartyism should be censured by his colleagues for his reckless allegation.

2010 Editorial by Southern Poverty Law Center targets The Conservative Monster’s ‘Call for McCarthyism’

Conservative News Update:

I found an article from 2010 where the ‘far left extremist organization’ Southern Poverty Law Center’ bashed my claims about the communist threat and my calls for McCarthyism. Why are leftists so afraid of McCarthyism if they aren’t communists with nothing to hide? They are VERY AFRAID.

In 2010, I also warned that Julian Assange would try to seek asylum in Moscow, but he got trapped from escaping (unlike Edward Snowden). I believe that Assange would be in Moscow sitting next to Snowden if he had gotten away.

The FAR LEFT fear me, because I expose their radical agenda and associations. Matt Drudge may be more popular, but he don’t dare venture into territory that The Conservative Monster does. Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center picking on a little guy like me? Truth stings!

My comments about the collapse of the Soviet Union being staged to lower America and Europe’s guard to the Russian threat and Communism are also true. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a ‘strategic move’ since the Russians needed something spectacular to make the fall of communism look real. Then, the Kremlin unleashed their Iranian proxies against the West.

Poland wanted a missile defense system, because the Soviet Union didn’t go anywhere and they know the threat is still very real. The Soviet collapse was a great way to have their debt erased and get financial aid from the West. Ethnic cleansing became much easier in the Soviet Republics after the collapse, because chaos was used as an excuse for deniability. Plus, ‘rogue’ Soviet Generals allegedly sold weapons to Muslim terrorists after the collapse, because they ‘needed money’. It is no coincidence that Muslim terrorists only tote around AK-47’s.

The Boston Bomber suspect was trained in Russia and so was Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri. The Target credit card hacker came from Russia as well. I could be here all day on this topic. Read my Russia archives for more.

Vladimir Putin is clearly trying to re-establish the Soviet Empire. This is all common sense, but liberals are treasonous liars that are aiding the enemy. OLD NEWS.

Lots has changed since 2010 and many people today see the Communist threat coming from Liberals and Leftists that was more stealth in the past.

“This WikiLeaks disaster is proof that we are deeply infiltrated by communists just like Senator McCarthy warned us about. … It would not shock me if [Wikileaks founder] Julian Assange SECRETLY seeks asylum in Moscow to avoid an Interpol arrest,” wrote Steve Cooper,

Cooper, a prolific blogger and Internet radio personality who writes and broadcasts at, has been working towards a full-blown exhumation of McCarthy’s legacy for some time. During a June 2009 Internet broadcast on the topic, “Did the Soviet Union stage their collapse to lower our guard?” he declared that “global tentacles of Marxism are slowly strangling this world, and people are clueless.”

The Year in Hate & Extremism: The Southern Poverty Law Center has The Conservative Monster in their Cross Hairs

Bill O’ Reilly allows radical Leftist Carl Bernstein to ‘man handle’ him on ‘The Factor’

Steve Cooper

Bill O’ is a punk, because I would have CRUSHED Bernstein when he brought up McCarthyism. Bill O’ is afraid to use the word Communist…I am not. At the end of the debate, Bill O’ Reilly asked Bernstein “if he had fun” during his appearance on The Factor. The problem with Bill is that he wants to be accepted and liked now, but in the past he didn’t care. Now, Bill O’ sees the power that The Left has gained and he is afraid of them.

It is time to ship Bill O’ to CNN, because Hannity or Greg Gutfeld would have buried Bernstein….

Communism will never be defeated if Ted Cruz, Palin and Bill O’ Reilly are afraid to even say the word. Last week, Robin Leach (a Brit) had to bring up Communism on Fox News since nobody has the guts to say the word- Click Here

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson also turned it up a notch by bringing up Lenin and Socialism on Fox News.  Dr Carson also said that Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to the US since slavery – Click Here

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10 Reasons Why McCarthyism is Needed NOW

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


I could be here for hours talking about this subject, but here are 10 right off the top of my head.

1. The distrust of the Government is worse than ever before and the paranoia is being done on purpose to place the people in fear.

2. Obamacare is a blatant attempt by Leftists to control people and their behaviors with medical care. People from all over the world come to the US for medical care rather than Cuba or Russia for a reason.

3. The Progressive Caucus are really Marxists that are a danger to freedom. They embrace the tyranny of Cuba for a reason. They would love to see that same restriction of freedoms for the next generation.

4. Libertarians flip out when the word McCarthyism is mentioned, because many of them are closet leftists that have infiltrated the Republican Party to undermine it. This is an embarrassment.

5. The Liberal conspiracy within the media must be shattered.

6. Marxist Professors that spew hatred towards America, intimidate and brainwash students are the gravest threat of all. They are more dangerous than terrorists as far as I am concerned.

7. The Democrat alliance with Moscow has gone on long enough. Don’t fall for this fake feud between Obama and Putin.

8. The War against Capitalism is real and it is a grave danger to national security. Leftists and Libertarians want to shatter US global economic dominance so Russia and China can run the show.

9. Leftists and Libertarians disguise their war against Capitalism as a war against Wall Street and the ‘bankers’.

10. The Democrats want to disarm Americans as the world is on the verge of WW III. You would figure that they would want every American armed, but that is not the case.

11. Ignore my warnings at your own peril…

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Tea Party pom poms doesn’t defeat communism; McCarthyism does

Tea Party pom poms doesn’t defeat communism; McCarthyism does, but nobody has the guts to say it.

I am tired of hearing about all of these mythological superheroes that speak, but they don’t say the right words. #socialism

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Future Terrorist Threat Coming From ‘Educated’ Americans?

The media reports that home grown terrorist attacks by Americans will rise, but they fail to mention that they are Muslims and Leftists. The claims also state that the terrorists are ‘educated’ with degrees.

Educated means that they were indoctrinated by Marxist College Professors to be revolutionaries.

This is why I am calling for McCarthy style hearings to investigate radical, Marxist Professors that are guilty of treason and sedition.

Michelle Malkin speaks out against Liberal Republicans

Great speech by Michelle, but Leftists are communists…not Progressives.

How can you defeat Communists if you DON’T say the word. I guess Malkin would be banned from Fox News if she dared to use the C word. Michelle doesn’t read the GOP script 100%, but she certainly don’t read the Joe McCarthy script and that is what is needed NOW!