The Democrats Dumped Hurricane Sandy for Sandy Hook for Political Gain

Steve Cooper

The Democrats (and the media) exploited the victims of Hurricane Sandy to make Obama look more Presidential rather than a Community Organizer. Then, they exploited the slaughtered children from Sandy Hook to further the Democrats ‘gun ban’ agenda.

Assault rifles are guns and the Democrats want to ban them; therefore this is a GUN BAN.

The media script shifts from crisis to crisis, because it is all about furthering the radical Leftist agenda. It is 20 degrees and the victims of Hurricane Sandy are living in tents to stay warm as Obama preaches about Global Warming and Gun control.

  • A hurricane kills and the Democrats blame GLOBAL WARMING.
  • A GUN kills and the Democrats blame the NRA.
  • The debt exploded from wars started by Muslims and the democrats blame Bush. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s 

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The Real Reason Obama Seeks to Annihilate the Republicans

Steve Cooper

Leftists hate Conservatives, the Police, the Military, but their main obstacle to attain absolute power right now is the Republican Party. John Boehner is correct when he stated that Obama wants to annihilate the Republicans and he should be scared.

I try to explain to the Tea Party rookies that the we don’t quite have a ONE Party system just yet, but many are brainwashed by the Libertarians. Soros only gives money to the Democrats for a reason…there still is a difference. The Republicans fear the Democrats and their radical associations.

So, John Boehner is confirming what Conservatives feared. What would stop Obama from imposing a total gun ban once the Republicans are out? Nothing…

The media is working day and night to crush John Boehner and the Republican Congress, because they can smell that an Obama Dictatorship is within reach. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Video of Piers Morgan’s Hateful Attack Against Spokesman from Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt

Steve Cooper

MORE – Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt:Obama Is A “Communist Dictator” – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Video: The Media Bias Against Israel

Steve Cooper



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Russian Media Claims that Israel Bombed Gaza Journalist Center

Steve Cooper


Maybe the Leftist media should stop aiding Hamas terrorists and the Israeli’s will stop targeting them? – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

A Reader Asks: “How do I make my political page on Facebook more popular”?

Steve Cooper

A Conservative Monster fan asked me how to get his FB page more popular. This was my answer, but I added more for this editorial:

It is not easy my friend. Especially since people turn off anything that doesn’t have the Fox News stamp of approval on it …outside the main stream.

Also, there are so many anti Obama pages at this point and you have so much competition. People already belong to many and what has it accomplished? I am noticing a decline in traffic, because Obama won, people feel defeated and they should. I do too.

The people have been reduced to ranting on social media, because they have no vote or voice anymore due to voter fraud, media bias and Republican collaboration with the enemy.

I would have many more readers if I embraced the mainstream script, but instead I backed the Birther movement and took on Glenn Beck during the height of his popularity by having thousands of people flood his radio show with calls. It was a bloody war against the Establishment media that cost me readers, but I refused to be silenced. It also made the major news networks. I made many enemies in 2010.

I also tackle the Communist link to Muslim terrorism as they are united to defeat Capitalism. Again, nobody touches this angle therefore; it is seen as extreme. I refuse to sit here and follow the GOP, Fox News mainstream script. Even the Tea Party leaders have been reduced to following a certain script or they will be ignored and banned from Cable News.

I have noticed that many Tea Party talking heads on cable news are back on repealing Obama Care talk, because they were told not to dare mention the possibility of voter fraud on the air. They were told the avoid the Birther issue too the past few years or they will be banned. Ask Joe Farah, because Fox News used to have him on frequently, but not anymore. He has been BLACK LISTED.

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Are the Democrats About to Set Up John Boehner and the Republican Congress?

Steve Cooper


That is how this gang of Leftists operate and then they get their stooges in the media to hammer the message for them day and night.

My comments from TWITTER:


The C Monster@cnin

The ‘Puppet Masters’ behind the Democrats will stage another economic collapse and blame Boehner & Congress to usher a dictatorship. #tcot


The C Monster@cnin

The Obama ‘Gang’ is going to set up John Boehner to take the fall the same way they set up GEORGE BUSH. #tcot – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies