“Ew!” with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell & First Lady Michelle Obama

Conservative News Update:

Were Michelle Obama’s ancestors white slave owners?

Conservative News Update:

I thought this was a joke until I read it fully:

From Ancestry.com

I suspected that Mrs. Obama’s white ancestors belonged to the white Shields family that had owned her great-great-great grandmother, Melvinia Shields. So I persuaded several descendants of the black and white Shields to do DNA testing.

The results showed that the two families were related. The DNA testing indicated that Melvinia’s owner’s son was the likely father of Melvinia’s biracial child, Dolphus Shields. (Dolphus Shields is the first lady’s great-great grandfather.)

This was painful news for many of the Shields descendants. They knew that that Melvinia might have been raped and that their kinship originated during slavery, one of the darkest chapters of our history.


Michelle Obama not pleased with Barack’s ‘selfie’ at Mandela memorial?

Conservative News Update:

From Twitchy.com

Michelle Obama snubs Chinese First Lady

Michelle Obama

Steve Cooper


Can the First Lady be impeached? Someone has to go at this point….


The NY Daily News reported:

Michelle Obama will be a no show when her husband attends the China-U.S. Summit in California this weekend, a slap in the face to the Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan.

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ABC News scrambles to downplay Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding

Steve Cooper

ABC should fire this woman if this story is true, because it is unethical for her to moderate the VP debate knowing that Obama attended her wedding. She should have declined the invitation to moderate the debate.

Why don’t ABC just have Michelle Obama be the moderator instead?

Courtesy of the Drudge Report:

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President Obama and First Lady Appear Stunned After First Debate – 2012 Debate – Fox Nation

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