How Does a $17 Trillion Debt Help the Middle Class?

Steve Cooper
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How Does a $17 Trillion Debt Help the Middle Class?

I am not an economist and I am asking this question. The ‘few’ Conservative talking heads in the media need to beat this drum day and night. The goal of the Democrats is to divide the classes even further rather than bring the middle class UP, because they are at war against Capitalism and the Middle Class.

Many Republicans are RINO’s because they fear the fact that Leftists, Democrats and Libertarians are collaborating with ‘foreign enemies’ to make the US more vulnerable from within. You are in denial if you can’t see this by now. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s 

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Norquist: $3 Trillion tax hike surprise coming to the middle class from Dems

Steve Cooper


Courtesy of DRUDGE
Grover Norquist claims that the Democrats will drop this planned bomb onto the middle class ($3 Trillion tax hike) and then blame the Republicans for it.

This supports my prediction that I made several weeks ago on The Conservative Monster stating that the Dems are setting up John Boehner and Congress for another staged crisis.

Did you really believe the wealthy Elitists that supported Obama wanted to boost the middle class? Many Democrats do believe that Obama and Pelosi are for the middle class, because they are clueless fools that have been dumbed down on what Socialism really is. Their wake up call is several months away.

I suggest that you plan on leaving the US soon…if you can. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

Joe Biden: Middle Class “Buried The Last FOUR Years” (Under Obama)

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Look at the expression on the dummies sitting behind Biden. Priceless….