S.E. Cupp skewers Mike Bloomberg on ‘Gun Control’

Conservative News Update:

Why are rich Elitists such as Mike Bloomberg, Michael Moore and that idiot from CNN against guns? They know a big staged economic crisis is on the way and they want less guns in the hands of the middle class when this does take place.

Former Bloomberg Ally Says ‘Mayors’ Group’s Goal Is Gun Confiscation

Conservative News Update:


Rich liberals want to confiscate guns, because they understand what is going to happen once the middle class is smashed and people are suffering. Just check out the crime stats in Venezuela for an idea what I am talking about.

‘Rich liberals’ will be targeted for robberies and kidnappings since there will be great resentment against them.

John Tkazyik, the mayor of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., said he quit the former New York City mayor’s group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, after he realized its objective was outright confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens.


Mayor Bloomberg: Become a Plumber if you are not smart enough for Harvard

Hilarious Daily News Photo – Mike Bloomberg as a Plumber

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Elite are making it known that they want more peasants. The College degree has been watered down and the job market has changed. There are not enough jobs for EVERY college graduate.

Don’t get me wrong: I did Construction for over 10 years, but it is very hard work. Many of these college kids would like a desk job like their parents have.

The North American Union was the big talk years ago, but I believe that they are just going to bypass it and go straight into World Government. Using Latin American slaves for cheap labor in America will still be the goal, but a global tax is near.

The Democrats are always raving about China’s model (Communism) as they use slave labor to make cheap products. Small Businesses and Corporations are very competitive these days. They can’t afford to pay union wages and make a profit when their competitor is making their product with slave wages.



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Did Mike Bloomberg Organization Force Dem Out of Race For NRA Support?

Mike Bloomberg

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Power hungry man..

The Elite want to shut down the 2nd Amendment. Of course they deny it…did you expect them to admit it? I swear, the sheep have no clue.


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Democrat Gun Control Frenzy Gave Massive Traffic Surge to The Conservative Monster

Steve Cooper

The desire to ban guns by LEFTISTS after the tragic shooting in CT gave The Conservative Monster a massive traffic surge of over 69% in the domestic Internet rankings.

As usual, the Democrats are ‘exploiting death for political gain’ as they did with US Soldiers during the Iraq War. Andrew Cuomo and Mike Bloomberg were the first to draw blood. The Elite are desperate to disarm the middle class, because the next stage of economic collapse is executed.

The Democrats lied about Obamacare and they are also lying about gun control. They don’t want to just ban large magazines. They want to disarm the MIDDLE CLASS, but the Elite will have plenty of armed bodyguards to hold back the riff raff.

They also want to bring down the NRA, ammo dealers and gun manufacturers. Several years ago, the EPA was even going after the ammo dealers by using ‘lead contamination of the environment’.

The people know that the media is lying to them and they are looking elsewhere for the truth. Thank you for trusting The Conservative Monster.

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