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Obama Open Mic Part II: The Powers That BE Want Romney, Not Rick

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Special thanks to Bill for sending me this video…

I can not confirm if this voice belongs to Obama, but it certainly sounds like him to me. The person on this recording mentions how “The powers that BE want Romney instead of Rick” (Santorum).

This is almost word for word what I told people on my Facebook Page back in May 2011.

I said “My research is leading me to believe that Romney will be the 2012 nominee and that it has already been decided. You can vote all you want, because you will have no voice or choice in the matter.”

I also said “The powers that BE” many times to my readers. Who are the ‘powers that BE’? The Communist Establishment dictates the rules to the GOP Establishment and they must be obeyed. Do I have proof? No, but this is my opinion. I have a very high accuracy rate and that is why I have had so many loyal readers the past 7 years on the Internet.

Obama also states in the video “who could blame them”  when he referred to Ron Paul being tossed out of the race as Republican nominee. This is the first time that I agree with Obama.

Mitt Romney Announces VP Pick Paul Ryan as ‘The Next President’

GOD help US….

Obama did this back in 2008 with Biden as well and that worked out real well…

Joe Soptic’s wife is just one person

The C Monster@cnin

Joe Soptic’s wife is just one person. The Obama care death panel will kill many more people. – Steve Cooper

Vonage Commercial a Creepy Spoof of Mitt & Ann Romney?

Is this supposed to be a creepy spoof of Mitt Romney and his wife Ann?