Dem Gov Campaign pushes article that compares black GOP voters to Jews that collaborated with the Nazi’s

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Freebeacon –

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn is ducking questions about his campaign’s promotion of a controversial article comparing black Republican voters to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

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Extremist Bob Schieffer Compares the War Against the Gun Lobby to ‘Defeating the Nazis’

Steve Cooper

Obama will use Executive Order to go for the guns down the road, because these changes will not stop another anti-social, mass shooting. – Steve Cooper

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One day, extremists JUST LIKE Bob Schieffer (the host of De-Face the Nation) will lead the charge against anyone that dares to challenge Obama to be arrested for treason. Russia recently boosted their treason laws and Obama will eventually get around to that ‘Executive Order’ as well.

Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Hitler and every other Socialist dictator had their useful idiots demonize, torture and murder anyone that dared to question their power. Is this where we are heading with the Democrat Party?

Also, left wing psychos shout ‘Godwin’s Law’ whenever someone compares Socialist Obama to Socialist Hitler, but it is fine when extremists like this old fool on the CBS morning show compare the ‘Gun Lobby’ (the NRA & American gun owners) to Hitler.

The NRA is just an organization that represents American gun owners and they are nowhere near the Nazi Party. I have news for Bob Schieffer; The Democrat Party and their Socialist agenda is on the path to Nazism more than the NRA is.

So, what is Bob Schieffer really saying? He is comparing gun owners to the Nazi’s.

Radical talk show hosts that push the Socialist agenda are untouchable, but God forbid if anyone compared Obama’s Regime to Hitler early days. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Russia Slams US Opposition to UN ‘Anti-Nazi’ Resolution

Steve Cooper

“We are highly perplexed and regret the fact that the US, Canada and Palau voted against this document, while the delegations of EU member states abstained during the vote on the resolution, which was backed by the overwhelming majority of UN member states,” the ministry said. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Child Indoctrination Video Alert: Blame Your Parents if Obama Loses the Election

Steve Cooper


This disturbing video is the reason why Communism must be banned immediately or your children will be slaves to the Elitists behind these campaigns. Ignore me at your own peril.

This is dangerous propaganda that continues to push the Global Warming LIE that has been debunked when crooked scientists were faking data. Remember Climategate? I do…

The Nazi’s (they were also Socialists) also indoctrinated their youth. These Hitler Youth in this photo sort of remind me of the kids in this video.


Endless wars?

I blame the Republicans for not explaining to the American people the truth about these wars, because they obviously are not smart enough to figure it out. I see the simple minded comments that people make about them still ten years after they were launched.

Russia, China and assorted Muslim countries are using Al Qaeda as a proxy to force the USA into bankruptcy via politically correct wars and liberal rules of engagement. The purpose is to undermine the US Military, morale and the economy.


It is working like a charm.

No children, do not blame your parents. Blame your great grandparents for not defending Senator McCarthy during a crucial time in history when this all could have been averted, but instead they buried their heads in the sand.

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