Ron Paul: The Neo Cons are DEAD

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Interesting article by Dr. Ron Paul. I am wondering when Moscow or Tehran wrote it for him? I guess Paul is trying to rally his merry band of Soviet fools that worship him? I will never drink that Kool Aid.

Ron Paul is a communist rat that once called Gaza a “concentration camp”. His foreign policy is to the left of Jimmy Carter and Obama. The problem is that the American people are too dumbed down to know this and Fox News is afraid to say it.

The Conservative Monster isn’t mainstream, because I call it like I see it. It is politically incorrect to use the word communist; therefore I use it about 100 times per day just to piss off Libertarians and Democrats.

Rand Paul was the only Senator to vote FOR Iran to protect them from sanctions. Even the far left in the Senate voted for sanctions. I refuse to buy into the Libertarian frauds and it has cost me in web traffic, but I don’t care.

Ron Paul talks about costly wars?

These wars were a SET UP. The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined he troops once their boots were on the ground. During the Iraq War, Libertarians attacked George Bush and the US Military more fierce than the Democrats did. Why? Libertarian foreign policy is the same as a communist from the 60’s.

Ron Paul blames American foreign policy for terrorism and problems in the world and this propaganda mirrors the lies told by the Kremlin. This is why many Ron Paul followers love Pravda, Russia Today and they are 9/11 Truthers.

Libertarians also love to attack ‘the bankers’ and Israel. Once you put the pieces of the Libertarian puzzle together it spells several different words such as Nazi, white supremacist and Communist. Not all of course…there are many that have no idea that they are aligned with such radical Marxist trash.


The Republican Party is afraid to ‘out’ the frauds like Ron Paul and his son that have infiltrated their party, because McCain and his pals are RINO cowards. The Conservative movement has NO VOICE.


Why do you think Ron Paul is inviting communist Dennis Kucinich to this conference? Answer: They share the same foreign policy views.

Many Libertarians tend to be revolutionaries and Obama is their dream come true. They love to bash Obama, because it is their goal to incite and provoke the people into revolution. This would help give Obama more power, because the Military is backing Obama…not Ron Paul. Try explaining this to pothead Libertarians…


Ron Paul said:

The neo-conservative era is dead. The ill-advised policies pushed by the neo-cons have everywhere led to chaos and destruction, and to a hatred of the United States and its people.


Ron Paul’s Russian commie pals reported this story as well – – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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