Video of woman brutally beaten during a home invasion

Steve Cooper

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Police Investigate Facebook Photo of 11 yr old with an Assault Rifle

I just saw this story on Fox News. I bet some liberal A-hole called the cops, because this kids father is an NRA instructor.

Left wingers tend to be very paranoid people that see every gun owner as a threat. This is probably due to the high amount of anti-depressants that they stuff their face with daily.

Move to North Korea if you want to live with a disarmed population.

Occupy Wall Street Protester was Allegedly Occupied Making Bombs

Steve Cooper

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a breeding ground for Marxist Revolutionaries that hide behind the Anarchist label. This is a war against Capitalism and I am sick of the media talking heads on Fox News covering up this fact. The talking heads always say “We still don’t know what the purpose or goal is of the OWS protesters”.

Their goal is chaos, revolution and the destruction of capitalism. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Gas prices hit $9 in New Jersey, Pennsylvania in Lukoil protest | Fox News

Steve Cooper

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