No Fluke Nukes: Hollywood and Obama Coordinate Propaganda on Nukes

Steve Cooper

The Communist conspiracy is brilliant, because they all follow the same script and none of it can ever be found on paper. No, I am not talking about the dumbed down ‘blue collar’ Democrats on your Facebook page, because they have no clue. I am talking about the Elite and educated leftists.

Someone like Putin or Obama will make a speech and contained in that speech is the next path to bring World Communism.  Whether it is global warming ,fracking or NO NUKES. This is way bigger than the Democrat Party or Republican Party.

One thing is certainly clear is that they are all ‘Useful Idiots’ for Moscow and McCarthy was RIGHT.

There will be some grand deception where the US will be forced to surrender and accept world government. It won’t be called a Communist Government of course, but they might label it Progressive to hide the evil intentions.

This is an International Conspiracy to bring down Capitalism and the US Economy. These Hollywood millionaires are going to be in for a shock when they are not so protected from the coming tyranny as they thought they were. That is when they will wind up in a mass grave and it will be NO LOSS.

Study history ….

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