Reports: Iran One Month From a Nuclear Weapon?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


There are reports that Iran is one month away from developing a nuclear weapon. I believe Iran already has nuclear weapons hidden somewhere; they would be foolish not to. Plus, Russian nuclear submarines and warships are always prowling around the Mediterranean. So technically, Iran doesn’t even need a nuclear weapon…

Get ready for ISRAEL to be blamed for imploding the global economy after they attack Syria and Iran. The Tea Party will be thrown in somehow as well…


Al Qaeda will probably retaliate on US soil and this will be used to turn the American people against Israel. The wars, money spent and terrorism will all be blamed on Israel. Obama is no friend of Israel either so don’t expect him to defend them.

Israel has to attack Syria and Iran simultaneously to prevent a counter attack from the Syrian Air Force if Iran is bombed first. Expect Israel to use their nuclear submarines big time.

Oil could go over $200 a barrel and this is what Putin wants.


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