Senate Intelligence Committee report refutes NY Times claim that Al Qaeda linked group not part of Benghazi

Conservative News Update:

An aide says the report, among other aspects, refutes a recent story in The New York Times claiming no Al Qaeda involvement in the attack.


Congressman: NY Times Benghazi report is ‘misleading’

Conservative News Update:


Didn’t the NY Times get the memo from Hillary Clinton? “What difference does it make?

I am curious who buys their papers since everyone gets their news from the Internet now for free.

What if Iran or Moscow made a deal to buy 100,000 papers per month for stories that would be in their favor? That would be a great way to buy slanted news stories to protect their terrorist proxies. “What difference does it make?

NY Times compares Obamacare website failure to George Bush and Hurricane Katrina

Fox news reported that the NY Times was comparing the Obamacare website failure to Hurricane Katrina. Obamacare will kill many more people than 1,833, because rationing of healthcare (and services) is inevitable when you are dealing with a large population like the US has.

Once again, Leftists are pulling out the ‘Bush Card’ when all else fails.

Terminally ill people with no money will not get the same care as terminally ill people with money. The equality that is preached from ‘the left’ is one of the many ‘big lies’. Do you really believe Michael Moore wants to be considered equal to you or someone that is even less fortunate?

Elitists throw cash at Obama, because they are trying to buy ‘immunity from tyranny’ when that time comes.


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Drudge Report: ‘They Knew’ About the IRS Targeting Conservatives During the 2012 Campaign


Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Photo by Drudge Report

I mentioned this on my Facebook page today:

It is interesting that Timothy Geithner resigned as Sec. of Treasury 4 months before this IRS scandal broke out. #sheep

Once again, I am ahead of the media. I was asking “what about Timothy Geithner?” for several days already.

All of your Tea Party super heroes that sit there trembling in fear when the word Communist is mentioned are a waste of time.

Speak up or get out of the way, because the words Communism and McCarthyism sends Democrats and Libertarians into a panic, because they are enemies of freedom.

WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department’s inspector general told senior Treasury officials in June 2012 he was auditing the Internal Revenue Service’s screening of politically active organizations seeking tax exemptions, disclosing for the first time on Friday that Obama administration officials were aware of the matter during the presidential campaign year.

Go to for the article 

Did the Persons Behind the IRS Conspiracy Attempt to Undermine the 2012 Presidential Election?

PAUL RYAN Destroys IRS Commissioner Steven Miller at House Hearing

Congressman Mike Kelly Gets ‘STANDING O’ at IRS Hearing

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October Surprise? Obama cuts deal with Iran over Nukes

Steve Cooper


The Iranian terror state (proxy of Russia) will do anything to keep Obama in the White House. Any Jewish American that votes for Obama is a traitor to the Nation of Israel.

Is this the October surprise that warned about?

Obama cuts deal with Iran over nukes

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Leftists Blame Jim Lehrer for Obama Debate Loss

Steve Cooper

Former New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller summed up the Lehrer criticism, giving him a D grade and calling him “road kill” in his Twitter analysis of the debate.

The liberals are now attacking a 78 year old man. They have no shame…

Lehrer did a fine job of staying out of the way. If anything, Obama took advantage of Lehrer, because he got 4 more mines than Romney did.

Expect a lot of pressure to be on the moderators to sabotage Romney and Ryan with interruptions to make sure that Obama and Biden have a handicap.

Even Al Roker bashed Jim Lehrer on Twitter:

Al Roker@alroker

I hope Jim Lehrer gets the license plate of the truck that drove over him in this debate


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The NY Times Attacks Bush on Sept 11th Anniversary

Steve Cooper

No politics on 9/11?

Tell that to the NY times….

The American LEFT and Al Qaeda are more friendly than you think…

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