BREAKING: The death of Eric Garner has been ruled a homicide

Conservative News Update:

Homicide? What do you expect from liberal NYC? Notice they added asthma and heart disease to the cause of death. The moral of the story is “don’t resist the Police if you are obese and sickly”!

Politically motivated. The autopsy said the choke wasn’t the cause of death.


My take on the ‘so called’ NYPD ‘choke hold death’ in Staten Island

Bratton wouldn’t have returned as NYPD’s top cop without CBS’s John Miller

Conservative News Update:

Congratulations to John Miller. Please email me at if you want to hire me as a consultant.



More from the NY Post

John Stossel tries to get a gun permit in NYC

Conservative News Update:

The 2nd Amendment has been non-existent in NYC for many years if you are looking for a carry permit. .


Is Occupy Wall Street worried about the new NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton?

Conservative News Update:

Leftists voted for NYC Mayor Bill De Blassio, but they don’t seem too thrilled about Bill Bratton, his new choice to lead the NYPD. In this article from Gothamist there are claims that Bratton would have cleared Zuccotti Park in Oct. 2011 even faster than Commissioner Kelly did.

Useful Idiots like this are fast to vote in a tyrant and then they become upset when THEY become the target of the tyranny as well. Tyrants create mass graves to bury ‘useful idiots’ once they are done ‘using them’.

Bill de Blasio’s transition team did not respond to our request for comment on Bratton’s Occupy Wall Street remarks. But it’s not just Occupy Wall Street supporters who may be disappointed by our new commissioner’s fascist disregard for the Constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly releases statement about the appointment of Bill Bratton

Conservative News Update:

Gov. Cuomo Tweets support for Bill Bratton to lead the NYPD

Conservative News Update:


NY shootings spike 13% since attack on NYPD frisk policies

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Did you ever hear of the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, crime is at an all time low in NY, but a liberal judge couldn’t resist screwing that up by claiming the NYPD stop, question and frisk policy was unconstitutional.

Liberals have been dying to undermine stop, question and frisk for many years. The paperwork written by police officers after stopping someone that they ‘reasonably suspect is carrying a gun or is about to commit a crime’ has been reviewed in the past, but the NYPD were not violating the Constitution. Leftists really want as much chaos as possible in society, because they want the people to beg for a police state.

NOW, there is a call for ‘Professors’ to advise the NYPD on stop, question and frisk? I have an idea. Have these ‘Professors’ patrol East New York at 3 am and then talk to me.

This NY Post article claims:

Another NYPD source said that cops are no longer being “proactive” with stop-and-frisk because “they’re scared of being sued. They feel as if the city is not going to indemnify them in lawsuits,” the source said.

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