Obama Seeks Birther Revenge? Donald Trump claims NY Attorney General met with Obama days before suing him

Steve Cooper

The Conservative Monster


The US has become a corrupt banana republic and this is a clear sign of the coming tyranny folks. Libertarians tend to hate Donald Trump, because they are really left wingers that hate rich people, banks and corporations.

Donald Trump had the guts to go after Obama on the Birther Issue unlike Ron Paul, Rand Paul or Glenn Beck. Libertarians shout about the Constitution all day long, but they wouldn’t touch the Birther Issue. Donald Trump had the courage to take it on, by himself.

So, Libertarians attacked Donald Trump, because he made Ron Paul look bad for being silent about Obama’s ineligibility and possibly forgery of his birth certificate. Trump finally walked away from the Birther issue, because it just wasn’t worth it any longer since no Republicans would defend him or touch the HOT TOPIC.

Obama meeting with the AG days prior to filing this lawsuit against his enemy Donald Trump is quite disturbing…if it is true like Trump states it is.



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