Michael Savage: “We have a President who is close to becoming a dictator”

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“We have a president who is close to becoming a dictator,” Dr. Savage said to his audience, adding:

Why do many people feel that way?

Is it irrational? Is it racism, as the left would claim?

The National Mall was closed to World War II and Vietnam vets, yet this president has opened it up to illegal aliens, so they can hold a rally.

They told us it was closed due to the government shutdown.

Now the National Park Service has confirmed this “immigration reform” protest can take place at the Mall.

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: Men who fought in wars have no First Amendment rights, but illegal aliens do?

Obama is encouraging this.

Of course, he’s the same president who encouraged the overthrow of a legitimate government in Egypt, and a dictatorial one in Libya which nevertheless was no direct threat to us.

We don’t have a presidency so much as we have a crypto-communist dictatorship in the making or an overt one.


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The Real Reason Obama Seeks to Annihilate the Republicans

Steve Cooper

Leftists hate Conservatives, the Police, the Military, but their main obstacle to attain absolute power right now is the Republican Party. John Boehner is correct when he stated that Obama wants to annihilate the Republicans and he should be scared.

I try to explain to the Tea Party rookies that the we don’t quite have a ONE Party system just yet, but many are brainwashed by the Libertarians. Soros only gives money to the Democrats for a reason…there still is a difference. The Republicans fear the Democrats and their radical associations.

So, John Boehner is confirming what Conservatives feared. What would stop Obama from imposing a total gun ban once the Republicans are out? Nothing…

The media is working day and night to crush John Boehner and the Republican Congress, because they can smell that an Obama Dictatorship is within reach.




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Astrologer Warns Michael Savage: “Obama is a Born Dictator”

Steve Cooper

The media has many people fooled that Obama is a moderate Democrat. No moderate is friends with Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, but the sheep believe anything they are told. Baaaaaa

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