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Colbert Report Christmas Melody: “Obamacare is beginning to look a lot like Socialism…”

Conservative News Update: ♫ #Obamacare is beginning to look a lot like #socialism, every #hospital to which you go.” ♫ pic.twitter.com/2MwxGz90ry — The Colbert Report (@ColbertReport) December 12, 2013 Democrats still support #Obamacare, because they know it is the spinal…

Failure to pay the Obamacare fine will get your drivers license suspended and MORE

Conservative News Update: I warned people that drivers licenses would be targeted for suspension if people failed to comply with any new gun control laws. I was on the right track. http://patdollard.com/2013/10/report-obamacare-fines-to-be-seized-from-bank-accounts/