Obama to Israel: “Time is running out; accept peace deal or face ISOLATION”

Conservative News Update:

The Communism and Muslim criminal underworld is waiting for Israel to smack Syria and Iran. The Palestinian issue is just a distraction to demonize Israel. American Libertarians are on board with America’s enemies to smear Israel.


Liberal bigots bash Ariel Sharon as ‘war criminal’ on Twitter after death reports

Conservative News Update:



Hot mic catches UN interpreter saying anti-Israel votes are ‘a bit much’


Obama press conference under photo of terrorist Yassar Arafat


Yassar Arafat was Russian KGB. So, Obama feels right at home underneath him.

Muslims launch 4 rockets into Israel during the Obama PGA ‘Golf Tour’.

Muslims launch 4 rockets into Israel during the Obama PGA ‘Golf Tour’.


Palestinians suspected of aiding Syria regime ‘hanged in Damascus camp’

Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) tweeted at 2:05 PM on Sat, Mar 02, 2013:
#BreakingNews: #Palestinians suspected of aiding #Syria regime ‘hanged in #Damascus camp’

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Video: The Media Bias Against Israel

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