Pastor Terry Jones Arrested Before Quran Burn

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


WTSP reports that Pastor Jones and Wayne Sapp were arrested for illegally transporting fuel without a permit (a felony). The police observed the defendants pour kerosene onto a pile of Quran’s that were towed by their vehicle.

Pastor Jones was also charged for openly carrying a firearm (a misdemeanor).

Would these men have been arrested if they were burning American flags instead of Qurans? No, the Liberals would have cheered them on.

Video – Interview with Pastor Jones after leaving jail

Wayne Sapp on the Steve Malzberg Show

I was one of the first American journalists to interview Pastor Jones in Aug 2010.

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General Dempsey Calls Out Pastor Jones Instead of Muslim Terrorists

Steve Cooper

The C Monster@cnin

Gen. Dempsey had the nerve to call a Pastor Jones to censor him? General, stop the LIBERAL BS & kill the Muslim terrorists or RETIRE. #tcot

Sam Bacile’s “Innocence of Muslims”

Steve Cooper

This is a trailer of the movie about Islam and Muhammad that caused Muslims to attack US Embassies in Egypt and Libya and kill a US Ambassador.

Afghanistan has banned You tube due to this video.