Photo of Kim Jong-un’s uncle being dragged away by police before being executed

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Reagan defeated Communism? The people will believe anything that they are told. I have news for you. Reagan didn’t defeat the USSR either, because Putin is pulling it all together as we speak.

Photo of Hugo Chavez on His Death Bed

Hugo Chavez in the Hospital

Hugo Chavez in the Hospital

Steve Cooper
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Alex, a Conservative Monster fan from Brazil sent this to me….


Supposedly, this photo was taken by a nurse on February 19, 2013 several weeks BEFORE the death of Hugo Chavez. 

The fate of Venezuela and Cuba in the hands of Russia – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Photo of NYPD Cop buying shoes for homeless man goes viral

Steve Cooper


I was reading the comments for this photo on the Daily Mail website and one woman brought up an excellent point. How many wealthy people walked past this cold, homeless man with no shoes and didn’t offer him any help? NYPD rookie cops are not paid very much money at all and this officer did something special here.

It was an honor to work next to officers like Officer Deprimo.

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