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Spetsnaz to reinforce Russian embassy security globally

What does Russia have up their sleeve? Following a nationalist attack at its embassy in Poland, Russia plans to deploy elite Spetsnaz units to its diplomatic facilities around the world, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed. http://rt.com/politics/russian-embassies-spetsnaz-security-954/

Czechs Brace For Growing Communist Influence After Elections

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster   Czechs Brace For Growing Communist Influence After Elections…. BUT everyone keeps repeating that Communism was defeated? Sure, that is another fairy tale. Why is Poland still begging for a missile defense shield? It is…

Poland Eyes $4 Bln Missile Modernization Program

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com A Polish friend of mine swore to me that Poland will never surrender to the Russians. It looks like he is correct, but this could also be for the purpose of negotiation. Poland was silent after the…