U.S. ground troops going to Poland

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Obama and Putin are going to stage a conflict. I predicted this was coming on The Conservative Monster over one year ago. Just ask anyone that reads my site. I did say it would be over Syria, but “what difference does it make?”

I did say several years ago that Poland would be in panic mode over Putin and that prediction also did materialize. Europe will fall into Putin’s hand like melted butter after a Global Crisis is staged to convince people that World Government is best to end wars and poverty. Good luck with that.

Where are all of the Tea Party heroes now? Hannity and Rush are the biggest offenders that brag about Reagan defeating the Soviet Union. Try and tell the people of Poland that Reagan defeated Communism and listen for their answer.

Every analyst with half a brain knows the collapse of Communism and the USSR was a ‘strategic’ move to lower the West’s guard to the Russian and Iranian threat.

Read my archives on Russia for more.

Link from the Drudge Report:


Spetsnaz to reinforce Russian embassy security globally

What does Russia have up their sleeve?

Following a nationalist attack at its embassy in Poland, Russia plans to deploy elite Spetsnaz units to its diplomatic facilities around the world, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed.


Czechs Brace For Growing Communist Influence After Elections

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Czechs Brace For Growing Communist Influence After Elections….

BUT everyone keeps repeating that Communism was defeated? Sure, that is another fairy tale. Why is Poland still begging for a missile defense shield? It is not, because of Iran folks. The reason is THE KREMLIN (Putin).

I bet none of you ever heard the story that 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta was trained in 1988 at a Communist training camp in the Czech Republic? Nah, but you know who is on Dancing with the Stars.


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Steve Cooper


A Conservative Monster fan sent me this comment –

“I have friends from Poland and Russia. They left those countries for a reason. They know what communism is. They are extremely concerned for this country.


They see and know what is here now and what is coming quickly.


They are frightened for themselves and for all of us. God gives us all strength”.


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Poland Eyes $4 Bln Missile Modernization Program

Steve Cooper

A Polish friend of mine swore to me that Poland will never surrender to the Russians. It looks like he is correct, but this could also be for the purpose of negotiation. Poland was silent after the suspicious plane crash that killed President Kaczynski and his entire cabinet while trying to land in Russia for a ceremony honoring Polish victims of Stalin.

Poland may not surrender, but who needs enemies when you have friends like Obama?



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Romney Euro Tour Flashback: Anti-Communist Lech Walesa Endorses Romney & Ahmadinejad Attacks Romney

Steve Cooper