Happy Monster Mommy Day: Don’t Let Liberals Brainwash Your Kids

Happy Mothers Day

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

First, Happy Mothers day to all of you that support The Conservative Monster. It is safe to say that The Conservative Monster possibly has more women readers than men. I have not done an official survey, but I would give women the edge. Thank you.

The Conservative women’s movement has impressed me greatly and I am sure that the Democrats are intimidated by it, but they will never admit it publicly.

Keep up the great work, BUT the most important job is to make sure that YOUR CHILDREN don’t get brainwashed. Your child loses his soul and spirit once these Big Government Marxist Professors sink their teeth into them.

McCarthyism in the Universities is the only thing that will save the educational system. Money has nothing to do with it. Liberal teachers are purposely dumbing down your kids and brainwashing them that Government is their only hope to a future without teaching them about the innovators and entrepreneurs that made the US the leader in the world Capitalist movement.

Liberal Professors are really ‘child predators’ that wish to violate minds rather than bodies.

Capitalism has been hijacked by Marxists and Elitists. Capitalism and education are being suppressed to enslave the next generation.

We are in the danger zone folks. I will not lie to you like these Fox News and Tea Party superheroes that cowers in the corner if a Communist calls them a racist, but they lack the guts to call them a Communist back.

The suppression of Capitalism is scaring these young adults into believing that they have no fair shot at being successful. So, this is why they are committing violent acts of revolution. Their professors are brainwashing them that revolution is needed to bring ‘change’ and ‘progress’. These are code words for equality and social justice, but there is nothing more unjust than communism.

Why are people desperately trying to flee Communist countries if they are about equality? The Elite class have all of the rights and this is why rich Hollywood stars are donating millions to Obama.

They want Obama to declare a dictatorship so they can be part of that Elite class. The privileged  This is about POWER; not equality. The Hollywood Elite don’t give a damn about the middle class. Most of them spend more on cocaine in one week than you make in one month’s salary.

Arrogance and corruption got Beyonce and Jay Z got ‘special permits’ to travel to Cuba and walk among real slaves of tyranny and oppression. Shame on them for supporting a Government that has aided terrorism (Soviet Proxy) every chance they could since the 60’s. Russia is low key about their Cuban connection, but they now aid them via Venezuela (another proxy).

This is more than name calling. This is ‘branding’ the enemy with a label that they hate. Calling them a Communist sends them into a frenzy and off their game, because they don’t want the agenda to be seen publicly.

The enemy wants to be called ‘Progressive’. So, why would you do what they want? This is why we are losing. The censorship of Communism is already here, but nobody has the guts to admit it. How do I know this? Just say the word Communist on television and you will see what I mean. Just ask Allen West.

Anyway, keep the minds of your children CLEAN. Liberal professors are enemies of freedom and don’t allow them to take your child’s soul.


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Future Terrorist Threat Coming From ‘Educated’ Americans?

The media reports that home grown terrorist attacks by Americans will rise, but they fail to mention that they are Muslims and Leftists. The claims also state that the terrorists are ‘educated’ with degrees.

Educated means that they were indoctrinated by Marxist College Professors to be revolutionaries.

This is why I am calling for McCarthy style hearings to investigate radical, Marxist Professors that are guilty of treason and sedition.

Time to Get the McCarthyism Ball Rolling?

Joe McCarthy

Steve Cooper


Below are TWO comments that I posted on Twitter…

Arresting known Communist agents in the Universities, supporters of the Democrat Party and the media for Sedition is a good way to get the McCarthyism ball rolling. #NRA

Boot anyone from your life that calls you “crazy”, because your views are Conservative. That person is a closet Socialist.


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Mass Shooting Professor Amy Bishop Taught Evolution

Steve Cooper


Who was Amy Bishop? Obama and his media would love for you to forget who this woman was, but I will remind you. I was waiting for the right time to pull this card out.

Amy Bishop was a professor that was convicted of going on a mass shooting spree against fellow biology professors at the University of Alabama in Feb. 2010. Bishop killed three and wounded two others over a dispute about tenure. 4 out of the 5 people that Bishop shot were Hispanic and African American. I find it interesting that the media left out the fact that a white female professor shot 4 minority professors. Don’t you?

Why would the media leave out the race factor? They only do that when they have something to HIDE.

Bishop taught EVOLUTION and I keep saying over and over that the evidence linking these mass shooters to Atheism and Marxist Revolution is being suppressed from the public eye.

James Holmes, the suspected Aurora shooter was reportedly a Science genius. Once again, the biology link. Scientists and Doctors tend to be deeply skeptical about the existence of God and I attribute this to brainwashing about Darwin’s teachings.

If you believe that man came from an animal, then you will behave like an animal. What does a wild animal do to survive? They KILL…


If you believe in bloody revolution is the only way to bring change …YOU will do it.


No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution… revolution is but thought carried into action. – Emma Goldman

The Oregon mall shooter had anarchist tattoo’s and the media totally buried this shooting after Adam Lanza went on a killing spree in Newtown. – http://redalertnow.com/?p=5703

Who were the bloodiest and more effective killers in the past 100 years? Number one would be the communists and the Muslims come in second. Blaming guns is just an excuse being used by the Elite to disarm the people. Blaming video games is ridiculous.


The Republicans keep bringing video games during the gun control debate, because they lack the guts to out the Dems as COMMUNISTS. #NRA

There were reports that family members have said that Professor Bishop was obsessed with Obama (like most professors). After her arrest for this mass murder, Bishop also admitted to shooting her brother in Massachusetts in 1986 – http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2010/02/14/name-congressman-ap-coverage-bishops-prior-killing-ignores-delahunt-invo  

My psychological profile of these mass shooters is that they are anti-social Socialists that are hard core Darwinists.

In July 2012, MSNBC countered my claim that these mass shooters are Darwinists with this article – MSNBC: Don’t Blame Darwin for the Colorado Shooting

Was the Suspected Movie Theater Terrorist a Darwinist?


Psychological Profile of James Holmes: Educated, Unemployed Revolutionary


No God equals no consequences for mass murders and this is why many Atheists are committing these violent crimes. It is safe to say that the rash of mass murderers were Atheists, because Islam is the only religion that kills to bring change to society.

Liberal Academia, Washington and the media know that Evolution and Darwin is adding fuel to the fire of revolution, but they want to blame guns instead. liberal Academia is using Darwin and the teachings of Evolution to inspire young adults to become Revolutionaries.

The Establishments that I mentioned above know that the average American is not smart enough to put this all together, but I am not the average American. Evolution, Darwin, Marxism and Marx are the pieces of the mass murder puzzle that the media and the politicians are covering up.

Also, many Anarchists are also Atheists as well. I also have another theory that many Atheists are really Satanists, but it is more popular to call yourself an Atheist in public than it is too call yourself a Satanist. Communist Saul Alinksy dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. These people are all about lies and deception.

Only highly educated people know what is going on here. Scientists, Doctors especially. Many puppets in the media are just reading a script, but the media elite know what I am saying is true about the link between Darwin, Marx and these mass shootings.

Some of the shooters are just brainwashed to be revolutionaries, but Darwin’s theories are the foundation for the bloodshed too.

Not all mass murderers are copy cats. They are committing the crime knowing that they are helping Obama to bring change to society by bloody revolution. Society needs to bleed violently for this change to take place and it did in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th.

Please feel free to leave your comments at the end of this article. This is a very complicated topic to most people and I am trying to make it as simple as possible to understand.




Gateway Pundit – Socialist Professor Amy Bishop

Is The Anti-God, Anti-Social Rhetoric Inspiring Anarchists to Commit Mass Murder?

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