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Putin Speaks to Iran’s Rouhani About Nuclear Deal

Conservative News Update: The conversation Thursday came as talks between Iran and the European Union started in Geneva to discuss the practical details of implementing a nuclear agreement reached by world powers including Russia in November, an EU spokeswoman in Brussels said. http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/putin-speaks-to-irans-rouhani-about-nuclear-deal/492542.html

Putin’s Christmas Message: “New post-Soviet union ready for 2015 launch”

Conservative News Update: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday the final pieces were in place for the 2015 launch of an economic union with Belarus and Kazakhstan that Moscow hopes can also be joined by Ukraine. http://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/putin-says-post-soviet-union-090505974.html

Former Soviet Countries See More Harm From Breakup

Conservative News Update: Poll: Only Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan populations feel USSR breakup did more good than harm. Other ex-Soviet peoples disagree. — Ryan Mauro (@RyanMauro) December 22, 2013   This is propaganda so Putin can justify uniting the former…