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Video: Police shoot non lethal rounds at disorderly Trayvon Martin Protesters

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   OUTSTANDING crowd control by the police.   Notice that the crowd is peppered with white Communist instigators that are inciting blacks to commit violence? One of the idiots actually asked “why are you reloading” to the…

Pamela Geller Grilled on CNN About Anti-Jihad NYC Subway Ad and Secretly Records Interview

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   Pamela Geller did an excellent job in this interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett. I have to admit that Erin Burnett is very crafty, but Pam stood her ground. Operatives like Burnett are very dangerous, because she…

How is the Russian Embassy doing in Cairo and Libya?

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com How is the Russian embassy doing in Cairo and Libya? Don’t tell me, because I already know the answer. #tcot — The C Monster (@cnin) Sent from my Wireless Phone Posted from WordPress Wireless