Mitt Romney Beats Obama If Election Were Held Today

Video of Mall Security Guard Shooting a Violent Woman with a Taser

Steve Cooper

There is NO WAY that this woman voted for Romney.

She got LIT UP….. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Romney Turned Down One Hour Primetime Fox News Interview Night Before Election Day

Steve Cooper

Of course Romney turned down this interview the night before the election.

I warned the sheep that the Republicans were afraid to win this election. That is why they allowed the voter fraud and are still silent about it.

Keep drinking the Dick Morris Kool Aid…

Romney Turned Down One Hour Primetime Fox News Interview Night Before Election Day – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

Bruce Springsteen: The First Debate Really Freaked Me Out

Steve Cooper

Courtesy of the Drudge Report

Dear Bruce,

The first debate freaked you out, because it exposed how little Obama knows about economics and you know even less for supporting him.
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Complete Mitt Romney Speech from Wisconsin – Nov. 2nd, 2012

Steve Cooper


This was one of Romney’s best speeches yet. He certainly has won me over, because I wasn’t thrilled, but he beats Obammunist anyday.

Mitt Romney campaigns in Wisconsin – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Michael Savage: “I’m voting for Romney, because I don’t like communists”

Steve Cooper

From the Michael Savage newsletter:

In today’s issue: Michael Savage told his listeners last night that while he’s not a Republican, it’s clear he has only once choice for the sake of the nation’s survival.

“I’m voting for Romney, because I don’t like communists,” he declared.

“I’ve studied the devastation of socialism and communism,” he explained. “I see the demagoguery of Obama that frightens me to my core. I know that David Axelrod, Obama’s brain, has been a lifetime, left-wing wobbly. Everyone around Obama scares me.”

Referring to the strange mystic who wielded extraordinary influence on Russia’s last tsarist regime, Savage said Obama is “a Rasputin of the American political landscape.”

“Obama is sort of like this magic genie that the left found, cultivated and put into the royal house,” he said. “He’s like a force that’s not for the good of the people.” – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Leftists: More Capitalism Equals More Wars

Steve Cooper


The C Monster@cnin – Twitter

America’s enemies and Obama want advancement towards Socialism. Romney is for Capitalism and this is why he is being labeled a warmonger.


The suppression of Capitalism will add to the suppression of freedom.


The criminal conspiracy behind the ‘War Against Capitalism’ is what I focus on. The average American is blind to this assault against freedom.


– Steve Cooper


Leftists mention Romney’s comments on Russia and Iran, but Capitalism is what this is really all about. 9/11 was a message to the USA to abandon capitalism. Bush refused and the wars continued. Obama agreed to suppress Capitalism and the wars are ‘winding down’. Any war that does break out while Obama is still in office is staged, because the Democrats are in bed with the Communists and Muslims.

Much of the political rhetoric goes over the heads of many, because they have been dumbed down as to what is communist propaganda anymore. The purpose of The Conservative Monster is to point out and expose Communist propaganda that is being embedded within the daily media reports.

Terms like ‘redistribution of wealth’, ‘social justice’, ‘inequality’ and ‘class warfare’ are code words that the communists use without actually using the word “communism”. They are excellent at playing word games.

How are the Republicans supposed to beat Socialism and Communism if they are afraid to even utter the words in the media? Repeating the fairy tale that Reagan defeated communism did so much damage, because it lowered the guard of the American people.

I think someone needs to tell Putin, Soros and Obama that Communism was defeated, because I don’t believe they saw that memo. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies