Romney Romps in Presidential Debate Mismatch Against Obama


Steve Cooper

Tonight was the most mismatched debate that I have ever seen. Romney SCHOOLED Obama on economics. It was a brutal mismatch. Obama is NOT EVEN A LAWYER. Of course he is no match for Romney on economics.

CNN “Obama looked like he didn’t want to be there and he was angry that he was being challenged by Romney”.


The analysts at CNN look SCARED, because Obama got pounced by Romney.


This was the most important debate of our lifetime. You should give up your American citizenship if you missed this debate.

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Romney takes fight to Obama in first debate Best Sellers – Computers


Survey: Doctors Support Romney Over Obama 55 to 36%

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Hollywood Warming Up to Romney the Republican?

Steve Cooper

I see that not all of Hollywood are Jewish liberals. Maybe Obama’s anti-Israel tenancies were a wake up call to some? The guy sat in Jew hater, Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years. So, this really is not rocket science folks.

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New poll shows Obama leads Romney in swing states

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Palestinians condemn Romney Mideast peace comment

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Putin: “Romney is ‘Open and Sincere’ for Admitting that Russia is a Foe”

Steve Cooper

I give Romney a lot of credit for being brave enough to say that Russia is America’s “#1 Geopolitical foe”. I found it very interesting that the Democrats are still very aligned with Russia considering that they build the Iranian Nuke plants that will be responsible for starting the next world war.

Putin was discussing how important missile defense talks with the USA are. Why are ‘defensive weapons’ so threatening to Moscow? Obama told Russian President Medvedev last year “he would have more flexibility after his election’ to discuss missile defense with Vladimir…. Best Sellers – Computers

Reporters Caught on Tape Conspiring to Undermine Romney Press Conference

Steve Cooper


There is a difference between biased journalism and conspiring to undermine a Presidential Election. These reporters need to be fired and charged for conspiring to undermine a Presidential election.

Newsbusters claims that two of the reporters conspiring to undermine Romney (caught on tape) were from CBS and NPR. CLICK HERE

Right Scoop got the video and transcript. I usually don’t post his link here due to his attacks against the Birther Movement, but this is an exception.