IRS issues fine to Ron Paul group for not handing over ‘list of donors’

Conservative News Update:

What is Ron Paul trying to hide? Does he have any donors linked to Russia or Iran?

I trust Ron and Rand Paul as much as I trust Obama…

Ukraine: Ron Paul Defends Russia; Bashes the US & EU on Russia Today

Conservative News Update:


Ron Paul sounds more like a Russian Ambassador to me. Paul sides with Obama in his own Libertarian/Liberal double talk.

North Korean Propaganda Video: “How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It”

Conservative News Update:


The propaganda from this North Korean Communist video sounds like the talking points Liberals & Libertarians repeat all day long on the Internet. Liberals & Libertarians would call it ‘anti-Fascism’, but that is used as a cover. Even the video description states “North Korea is one of the few places that the Banksters haven’t taken over yet”.

Libertarians also repeat the anti-war talking points that are contained this this video. I wonder if Ron Paul or Alex Jones produced it? The account that uploaded this Communist video has an Alex Jones video in his library as well. Go figure…

I found an old friend on Facebook and he explained to me that he was a “Conservative/Libertarian that believed George Bush was behind 9/11”. This ‘old friend’ also hated Ronald Reagan. Does he sound Conservative to you? I blocked him after he told me all of this nonsense.

Videos like “How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It” are effective, because truth, lies and Communist propaganda are mixed together to fool people into believing everything.

This video is 1:35 mins and it contains GRAPHIC CONTENT:

Ron Paul ‘encouraged’ by Obama talking to Iran

Conservative News Update:

This podcast by Ron Paul is from Oct 2013. Obama speaking to the Iranian President over the phone clearly sent a thrill up Paul’s leg. Nobody has been a better friend to Iran than Ron Paul despite their links to International terrorism and the 9/11 attack.

Ron Paul then bashed the Neo-cons and ‘Pro-war’ Israeli’s after he praised Obama. ‘Pro-war’ Israeli’s? I think it is more like ‘Pro-self defense’ Israeli’s.

Did you ever notice that the media avoids asking Rand Paul about foreign policy or Iran? They do this to protect him from being exposed as a ‘Liberal’.

Rand Paul is worse than Obama on Iran.

Judge: Iran Must Pay to Families of the Victims from the 9/11/01 Attacks

Rand Paul claims family might hold him back from 2016

Conservative News Update:

Rand Paul is Worried About Federal Reserve Nominee Janet Yellen as the US Marches Towards Socialism

Steve Cooper


Rand Paul should ‘pontificate’ about the dangers of Socialism and Communism, but instead he is playing games. Paul should explain to the people how shattering the economy would spike inflation and stifling taxes that will smash the middle class.

Paul should explain how the rich really fund the Democrats and that the middle class is their real enemy. Still, I see middle class Democrats that believe Obama supports them. It is pathetic how stupid and gullible these people are.

Instead, Rand Paul is repeating his fathers script (Ron Paul) about ‘Auditing the Fed’. Who really wants the Fed audited? I bet Russia and China want the Fed audited. This is who Libertarians really ‘work for’.

This is all just another distraction away from Iran building a nuke and the exploding US debt.


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Ron Paul: “We should offer friendship to Iran”

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I have been saying for years that Ron Paul is a stooge of Iran. The facts about Iran’s links to terrorism and 9/11 is no secret, but Ron Paul and his merry band of Libertarian fools that worship him close their eyes to this.

Ron Paul compared Gaza to a ‘concentration camp’. Paul has no problem bashing Israel, but he wants to be friends with Iran? Okay…

The 9/11 Truther movement also acted as a distraction for Iranian link to 9/11.

Libertarians seem to get their talking points from the Russian and Iranian media. Then, they spew them all over the Internet. The Conservative Monster is the only website that points this fact out.

The ‘Far Left’ and Libertarians are much closer than you believe…

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