Is Ron Paul Planning to Undermine the RNC Convention?

He sleeps with the Iranian enemy. So, why are you all shocked?

Flashback to 1995: Iran Seeks Russian Nuclear Plants and Weapons

Steve Cooper


As you can see, the Russians have been using Iran as a bargaining chip for extortion and terrorism for many years. The media never reports this, because they know that the war against American capitalism is being orchestrated via Moscow and they don’t wish to expose it.

It is imperative that this assault from Moscow remains stealth and there is an unwritten code within the media to never expose this. Conservative journalists (all 5 of them) are afraid to even go here due to fear of being fired or threats of violence.

The violence in Iraq and Afghanistan has lessened and it is due to the Obama’s compliance with the implosion of the American economy to impose Socialism onto the population. Obama was thrown a bone for being a ‘good doggie’.


Of course, a steady flow of American casualties abroad must continue, because the enemy wants to convince the American people that war is not the answer. The only answer to stopping the wars is ‘the political and diplomatic’ surrender to Socialism. This is what Obama is doing as we speak.

Obama, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood seem very friendly these days. Maybe this is why Al Qaeda and Pakistan handed over Bin Laden’s head to Obama on a silver platter?

The Democrat Socialist agenda has had more light shined on it thanks to the Tea Party, but that light has been dimmed. You will never see any Tea Party leaders on Cable TV address the Socialist agenda, because they are obviously being censored.

Ron Paul is very much aware of the Iranian links to terrorism and deaths of US Soldiers abroad, but he continues to support the enemy. Paul’s followers released plenty of propaganda last year stating that the majority of US Soldiers supported Ron Paul. I am sure a handful of Soldiers do support Paul, because of his anti-war stance, but many soldiers that I have spoken to see through the Ron Paul spin and lies.

I love how the ‘no nukes’ communists protest against US and Israel’s nuclear programs, but they are silent about Iran’s quest for Russian nuclear weapons.


I have said for many years that Iran doesn’t need nukes since they are directly backed by the Kremlin and China. It wouldn’t shock me one bit if it was found out that Iran already has Russian nukes hidden within their arsenal.

The liberal media plays up the fact that Iran doesn’t have ICBM’s capable of reaching the USA. So, they are not a threat (even Obama has stated this). ICMB’s are not needed, because they have terror proxies like Hezbollah on the ground for that.

Iranian missiles can also be launched from a submarine in International waters and that would be enough to generate an EMP attack within the USA. An EMP attack would short out the electricity in the USA for a long time. China has also been linked to cyber terror that can turn the lights out in the USA as well. So, remember that computers can be used as a WMD these days.

Russia and China have made it very clear that any attack on Iran would start WW III. So, that means the head of the ‘terrorist snake’ leads to Russia and China.

Republican Congress seeks to cancel Russian aid


Leftist Ron Paul Supports WikiLeaker Julian Assange

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

First, Libertard-arian Ron Paul lovers go crazy when I expose him as the left winger that he is, because I am the only one shedding light on this and HIM. I believe that he is a plant and a trojan horse in the Republican Party and he needs to be booted out along with John McLame. The only loons supporting WikiLeaker Julian Assange are far left wingers and Ron Paul is one of them now.

I am really not shocked that left wingers like Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano (9/11 truther) support the WikiLeaker Julian Assange, but what they forget to understand is that INTENT changes the make up of their theory that Assange is just some Internet blogger. He is leaking this information to purposely cause and inflict harm
onto the United States and for a congressman and a judge not to see this
a sign of incompetence or treason. You decide, because I believe that they are purposely misinforming the people to give aid and comfort to an enemy combatant, Julian Assange.

If it is someone’s INTENT to cause harm to the United States via these leaks, it is seen as a malicious act and it is a form terrorism by propaganda. Sabotage of the war on terror makes Assange an enemy combatant folks, he is fair game to be whacked.

Assange is most likely a co-conspirator to leak secret information with other spies that are working for foreign governments. Is Assange working for one of our enemies? Russia maybe? I keep warning you people about Ron Paul, the Jew hater that blames terrorism on the United States and he has called Gaza a “concentration camp”.

I know that I have pneumonia, but I could not pass up this story….

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