Russia Today skit ridicules Israel

Conservative News Update:

I’m curious if RT ridicules Muslims, Islam or Allah?

Should the US Congress vote to shut down Russia Today News from US Airwaves?

Conservative News Update:

Obama keeps shooting off his mouth about sanctions against Russia, but does he have the guts to shut down RT known as Russia Today in America?

It is time for the US Congress to vote to ban Russia Today from the US markets since they are clearly acting as an ‘arm of the enemy’ and they are operating on US soil.

Oh, Russia Today is one of Rand Paul’s biggest supporters…

Russia Today News Anchor Quits Live on the Air over Russia’s lies about the Ukraine Invasion

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From the NY Daily News

The Russian Media adores Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ chatter

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Paul and his father, the recently-retired Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), have both long championed for reforming the Fed. Only in recent time, however, has that sentiment been seen elsewhere in Washington.

From Russia Today – Oct 2013


Obama and Clapper blame Bush for the NSA program?

Conservative News Update:

Reported by Russia Today:

President Barack Obama’s administration has for the first time publicly confirmed “the existence of collection activities authorized by President George W. Bush,” such as bulk amounts of Internet and phone metadata, as part of the “Terrorist Surveillance Program” (TSP).

ALSO – How U.S. eavesdropping helped Colombia kill Marxist FARC Terrorist leaders

Edward Snowden: “Norway spies on Russia for the #NSA”

Conservative News Update:

Edward Snowden is clearly a traitor that is aiding the enemy to undermine U.S. National Security.



Fox News Sees the Light on Snowden

Conservative News Update:

That moron Eric Bolling should send his resume to Russia Today so he could interview Edward Snowden 24/7. He can take his pocket constitution with him!

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