Death of a Mascot: Crippling Attack to The Conservative Monster

sallee boy2

The Conservative Monster has been hacked, tampered with and I have been personally threatened over the years, but I brushed it all off. The only thing to really bring this site to it’s knees was the loss of my dog, Sallee Boy.

This beautiful photo was sent to me by a Conservative Monster fan that was thankful for all of the work I have done over the years to report real news and analysis that is not controlled by anyone.

Sallee Boy was a sweet soul and everyone that met him loved him. His massive size intimidated many people until they saw the beautiful heart that he possessed. I learned more from Sallee Boy than he ever learned from me. Sallee Boy was a precious gem to me and I will remember him until the day I die. Then we will meet again.

Sallee Boy will live forever on this post and in my heart.

Thank you for the kind comments and emails.

God Bless,


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