Should Congress Hold a ‘No Confidence’ Vote Against Attorney General Holder?

Steve Cooper

It was good enough for the Senate to hold a ‘No Confidence’ vote against Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. So, why not have one against Eric Holder?

Fast and Furious has proven that Holder can’t be trusted when it comes to being ‘open and transparent’. Benghazi and the IRS scandal are examples where a special prosecutor should be appointed, but that will never happen under Eric Holder.

Sept 2012 – Rep. Gosar Asks for Floor Vote on “No Confidence” in Attorney General Holder

Specter: ‘No confidence’ vote will make Gonzales quit

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ICE Agent: “Police Escorted Me Out of Hearing for Questioning The Gang of Eight”

Steve Cooper

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Obama’s Gun Package Dies in the Senate, but…They Have Other Plans!

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Communist rats failed with their little gun charade, but they will be back. this was all smoke and mirrors like everything else they do. Remember that they exploited DEAD children for their agenda that started way before Newtown.

Gun surrenders will be mandatory after they collapse the economy. Do you want food and healthcare for your family? Turn in YOUR GUNS…

This is how I see it… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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McCain: Rand Paul was the only Senator that Voted Against Nuclear Iran Resolution

Steve Cooper


NO Conservative website has bashed John McCain more than The Conservative Monster. I spoke out against McCain being the nominee in 2008, before my website was even built, but McCain is right when it comes to Rand Paul.

  • It gets me furious to see that people are still so easily manipulated by the media and the Libertarian frauds. Libertarians are NOT Conservatives.
  • Libertarians share the same foreign policy views as a Communist from the 60’s. I see them as Communists that want low taxes or no taxes at all.
  • The Libertarian movement is the home of the Leftist 9/11 Truthers. Nobody has helped the Muslim terrorists more than the 9/11 Truthers.
  • Of course Libertarians deny that they are Communists. So do Progressives, Liberals and Democrats. These people are liars.
  • The Libertarians that call Conservatives Neo-cons are really Communists seeking to aid Muslim terrorists.

The Libertarian movement attacked Bush during his administration, but they defended Muslim terrorists. Most of you Tea Party rookies don’t remember that, because you all ignored the news and politics during the ‘Bush years’.

Sure, Bush ran up the debt, because Bill Clinton broke the US Military and the CIA leaving the US vulnerable for an attack. I am a firm believer that 9/11 wouldn’t have happened if Gore won the 2000 Election, because he plays ball for the other team like Obama does.

The Soros/Obama/Putin NWO was not the same as the Bush/Blair NWO vision.

McCain also said that “the USA won the Cold War without even firing a shot”. That is a lie, because the USA didn’t win the Cold War. Russia has to escort the US into space and they export more gas and oil than the US. That is not winning.

Conservatives like Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh and Jeff Kuhner are on the Rand Paul bandwagon to attract the Libertarian audience that I have refused to embrace since day one of The Conservative Monster.

The Ron Paul Libertarians tried to recruit me on their side long ago and I said “NO THANKS”. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Boehner Tells Harry Reid’s Senate to “Get off their Ass”


LIVE on C-SPAN: U.S. Consulate Attack in Benghazi