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Police Source Claims Adam Lanza was Obsessed with the ‘Socialist’ Norway Shooting Suspect

This is interesting since the Norway mass shooting suspect was trained by the Russian FSB in Belarus according to the Russian media. Lanza was clearly motivated by Socialist revolutionaries just like I said that he was. I wish the police…

Chris Matthews: “Chris Dorner was Media Saavy and Intelligent”

Last night, Hannity played a clip of Chris Matthews saying that Chris Dorner was ‘intelligent with a high IQ’, but he was troubled. Left wingers are dangerous people. Matthews should be fired for these comments…   http://patdollard.com/2013/02/chris-matthews-heaps-praise-on-chris-dorner-returning-favor/

UPDATED – Marxist Revolution? Violent Mob Destroys Conservative Tent in Michigan Protest

  Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   This is how a Marxist Revolution begins…. This is terrorism….    http://nation.foxnews.com/steven-crowder/2012/12/11/union-thugs-attack-steven-crowder   http://nation.foxnews.com/right-work/2012/12/11/violent-mob-destroys-afp-tent-lansing-michigan-protest Amazon.com – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s