UPDATED: If you want your breast cancer, you can keep your breast cancer

Conservative News Update:

Dr David Samadi reported on Fox & Friends that the U.S. wants to change the guidelines when women get mammograms and it can save billions of dollars, but not lives.

  • The study suggests that women get a mammogram once every two years rather than once every year. Finding too many women with breast cancer at once can overwhelm the heath care system and we don’t want that do we?
  • The study also ‘suggests’ that women get a mammogram from the ages of 50-74 rather than 40 and above. 


Dr Samadi didn’t agree with this study, because it will delay detection of cancer and that could mean lives being lost if the cancer advances into the bone.

Obamacare is turning into the rationing of healthcare just like Conservatives said it would.

If you want your breast cancer, you can keep your breast cancer.

Jesse Watters interviews Canadians about Socialized medicine

Below is an interesting segment on Canadian socialized medicine with Jesse Watters from the Bill O’Reilly show.

Canada has 34 million people and the USA has about 315 million people. The huge difference in population will make socialized medicine that much harder since many more doctors will be needed to care for such a large population.

Doctors are retiring due to Obamacare and the desire for the Government to control what they practice.  A doctor that was interviewed did admit there is a shortage of doctors that practice specialized fields of medicine, but he then he stated “I don’t like using the word Socialist” when asked about Socialized medicine.

The world is a dangerous place when people are afraid to talk about Socialism, Communism or Muslim terrorism.


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1,165 People Starved to Death in British Hospitals Under National Health Care

That moron Brit, Piers Morgan should worry about his own country rather than trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Morgan also is acting as a human shield to deflect anger about banning guns away from Obama.

Notice that the commies have changed Obamacare to The Affordable Care Act? They are very devious liars…



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Mike Huckabee: Doctors Closing Their Doors Due to Obamacare

Steve Cooper

I decided to give this Mike Huckabee video it’s own separate post, because it is that important for everyone to see. Huckabee interviews a panel of doctors about Obamacare and their recommendations for fixing the broken healthcare system.

I don’t recall if this was mentioned in this show, but I remember seeing an interview with a Doctor and he claimed that FREE CARE for illegal aliens is putting such a drain on the healthcare system. The cost is being passed on to YOU.

When I say illegal aliens, I mean illegals from all different nationalities and races. The Socialist Democrats love to spin it to the Mexicans, because they are all about racism and dividing the country.


Rich Lowry: Obamacare Cuts $700 Billion from Medicare

Steve Cooper


I love how the media spins lies about the Republicans and Medicare to strike fear into the hearts of senior citizens, because they are a vulnerable target for the agenda to install Socialized medicine. Be careful what you wish for, because Palin was right about the ‘Death Panels’ comment and that is why she was attacked so viciously.

Meanwhile; Obama is really the one that is calling for $700 billion in Medicare cuts. This will decrease the amount of providers and ration healthcare. Do you really believe that Chelsea and Hillary Clinton will get the same healthcare that your children will?

This is Rich Lowry making Rachel Maddow look like a stuttering school girl on Meet the Press. http://nation.foxnews.com/rich-lowry/2012/08/12/maddow-demolished-rich-lowry-sunday-show

ALSO: This is a must see show by Mike Huckabee about Obamacare –