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“Iran Paul” is concerned about the CIA spying on the Senate

Conservative News Update: Why is “Iran Paul” and the Democrats so worried about the CIA spying on the Senate? Are they collaborating with the enemy or doing something that they shouldn’t be? http://washingtonexaminer.com/rand-paul-on-alleged-cia-senate-hacking-this-cannot-happen-in-a-free-country/article/2545625

Edward Snowden NSA spying leak ‘sabotages’ relation with Israel?

Conservative News Update: Once again, Putin’s stooge Edward Snowden betrays America as his ‘closet left wing Libertarian’ pals cheer him on. Snowden is beyond a traitor, he is a terrorist. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/12/22/israeli-ministers-demand-us-stop-spying-following-revelations-officials-emails/

NSA Spy Allegations Against World Leaders a Smear Campaign Against US Intelligence?

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster I suspect the NSA allegations about spying on other countries was leaked on purpose to discredit the Intelligence Community and for the US to appear like a grave threat to global security. Communists have thoroughly…