2010 Editorial by Southern Poverty Law Center targets The Conservative Monster’s ‘Call for McCarthyism’

Conservative News Update:

I found an article from 2010 where the ‘far left extremist organization’ Southern Poverty Law Center’ bashed my claims about the communist threat and my calls for McCarthyism. Why are leftists so afraid of McCarthyism if they aren’t communists with nothing to hide? They are VERY AFRAID.

In 2010, I also warned that Julian Assange would try to seek asylum in Moscow, but he got trapped from escaping (unlike Edward Snowden). I believe that Assange would be in Moscow sitting next to Snowden if he had gotten away.

The FAR LEFT fear me, because I expose their radical agenda and associations. Matt Drudge may be more popular, but he don’t dare venture into territory that The Conservative Monster does. Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center picking on a little guy like me? Truth stings!

My comments about the collapse of the Soviet Union being staged to lower America and Europe’s guard to the Russian threat and Communism are also true. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a ‘strategic move’ since the Russians needed something spectacular to make the fall of communism look real. Then, the Kremlin unleashed their Iranian proxies against the West.

Poland wanted a missile defense system, because the Soviet Union didn’t go anywhere and they know the threat is still very real. The Soviet collapse was a great way to have their debt erased and get financial aid from the West. Ethnic cleansing became much easier in the Soviet Republics after the collapse, because chaos was used as an excuse for deniability. Plus, ‘rogue’ Soviet Generals allegedly sold weapons to Muslim terrorists after the collapse, because they ‘needed money’. It is no coincidence that Muslim terrorists only tote around AK-47’s.

The Boston Bomber suspect was trained in Russia and so was Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri. The Target credit card hacker came from Russia as well. I could be here all day on this topic. Read my Russia archives for more.

Vladimir Putin is clearly trying to re-establish the Soviet Empire. This is all common sense, but liberals are treasonous liars that are aiding the enemy. OLD NEWS.

Lots has changed since 2010 and many people today see the Communist threat coming from Liberals and Leftists that was more stealth in the past.

“This WikiLeaks disaster is proof that we are deeply infiltrated by communists just like Senator McCarthy warned us about. … It would not shock me if [Wikileaks founder] Julian Assange SECRETLY seeks asylum in Moscow to avoid an Interpol arrest,” wrote Steve Cooper,

Cooper, a prolific blogger and Internet radio personality who writes and broadcasts at TheConservativeMonster.com, has been working towards a full-blown exhumation of McCarthy’s legacy for some time. During a June 2009 Internet broadcast on the topic, “Did the Soviet Union stage their collapse to lower our guard?” he declared that “global tentacles of Marxism are slowly strangling this world, and people are clueless.”



The Year in Hate & Extremism: The Southern Poverty Law Center has The Conservative Monster in their Cross Hairs

Advertiser ‘Stunned’ by Massive Traffic to The Conservative Monster After the Boston Terror Attack

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

So many people were reading The Conservative Monster during the days following the Boston terror attack that one of my advertisers contacted me. They were like “What is going on?” lol

I estimated that about 340,000 people viewed The Conservative Monster during the week of chaos that took place in Boston after the Marathon terror attack.

We need traffic like that daily. I know that many of you are busy, please, please share. YOUR voice will be stronger the bigger that The Conservative Monster gets.

Drudge and Breitbart are excellent, but they don’t dare call liberals out to be the communists that they are. The Conservative Monster does and it has many people scared.

The censorship of communism is already here since the word communist or communism has been banned from the debate. They can call us racists, but we can’t accuse them of being communists? Sorry, but I refuse to follow that censored script that many of these Tea Party talking heads on Cable News do. I refuse to use the word ‘Progressive’.

Advertise your business on The Conservative Monster and this CAN be a write off for your taxes since it is a ‘business expense’.

The Conservative Monster needs sponsors to become more powerful….


Four years Post-Obama and still the word communism is banned from public debate

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Merry Christmas Monster Fans

Steve Cooper

Today, I estimated that about 5 million people have read The Conservative Monster since May 2009. The following is made up of extremely loyal, freedom loving people from all over the world. The USA, Canada, Russia and the UK are at the top, but there are many more on the long list.

The loyalty of the readers and their thirst to learn more about the Global Communist/Muslim threat has pushed me to constantly evolve my theories and the depth of my research.

Many readers rely on my interpretation of propaganda and media lies to find the hidden truth that is being kept from the masses. The covert deception of the Communists is like a giant puzzle that I put together after every big story breaks.

The biggest traffic days of 2012 were the days following the 9/11 Libya attack, Election Day and the Connecticut shooting that killed those poor innocent children.

I am honored that The Conservative Monster has evolved into a site that people trust for analysis during such tragic events. This trust was earned through years of accuracy. There are many Conservative Monster readers that have been following my analysis on the Internet since 2004 (five years before this site was even built). That is way before Obama was elected or the creation of the Tea Party.

Yes, Drudge may post the links, but he doesn’t post the analysis that I do. Plus, I don’t have a team of researchers. It is just me and a keyboard.

SPECIAL THANKS to those of you that have contributed money to this website, because this is equal to TWO full time jobs. The only reason that I bother to work so hard is to keep the people informed, because they seem to enjoy this site as much as I do.

Have a Merry Christmas and try to avoid fighting with your communist relatives, because they are BRAINWASHED.


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