Radio Host Advocates Murder Of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

It is time for McCarthyism…


From Western Journalism:


Commenting on a conservative broadcaster’s opinion that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “stabbed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the back,” Malloy found it easy to transition from hyperbole to reality.

“Oh, what if that were true?” he queried, telling McConnell he would be a willing participant.

“Mitch, I tell you what, I’ll make you a deal! I’ll provide the butcher knife,” he shouted.

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Steve Cooper

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Small Doses of Socialism: Talk Radio Embraces Conservative Rapper Hi Caliber


Steve Cooper

Hi Caliber has been on several Conservative talk radio shows such as Michael Savage, Monica Crowley and Jason Mattera.. I figured that I would give him a plug on The Conservative Monster too.

Hi Caliber You Tube Channel




Obama Classmate Schools Geraldo Rivera About Obama’s Indonesian Name Barry Soetoro

Steve Cooper

Donald Trump has them shaking once again. Give him credit folks, because he will certainly lose Democrat and Hollywood Elite business at his Casino’s.