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Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

I wanted to create a shorter and easier domain name for people to search to find The Conservative Monster. So, I came up with the name

BOTH domain names will lead to the same place so there is no need to change any settings.



Update on advertisers and sponsors

The Southern Poverty Law Center and a political action group linked to Hillary Clinton are watching my every move.

So, I’m supposed to take these people on with out any advertiser’s or financial backers?

The Conservative Monster domain name has been valued at $41,000. Stop being a coward and advertise your business on this site. The real truth is contained on these pages….


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Are Search Engines tampering with ‘Conservative News’ search results?

Conservative News Update:

Only 40 people have found The Conservative Monster the past 30 days by searching for the term ‘conservative news’ despite my keywords being stronger than my competition.

Why is The Conservative Monster buried on page 5, 6 or not even found after the term ‘conservative news’ is searched if I have stronger keywords? Of course, The Conservative Monster is the top result when the term “The Conservative Monster” is searched, because my keywords are accurate.

This can be complicated so let me explain:

If you search the term ‘conservative news’ on Google or Bing they show almost the same results. How could this be unless they are being told to push certain sites and suppress others?


I want to use as an example.

Hot Air is a great website, but the word Conservative isn’t in the name like The Conservative Monster has. Search results are supposed to be by accuracy and ‘keywords’ rather than popularity.

Hot Air does mention they have “breaking news from a conservative viewpoint” on their website description. only has “Breitbart News Network” as their website description and there is NO mention of the word Conservative. Why are they ahead of me in the search results when the term Conservative News is searched?  Again, this is not about popularity. This is about accuracy of the words that are being searched. has the word Conservative in the title and the website description states “Conservative News: Analysis on Politics, Terrorism and International News by Steve Cooper”.

So, let me repeat: Why is The Conservative Monster buried on page 5, 6 or not even found after the term ‘conservative news’ is searched if I have stronger keywords? I would like to hear feedback.

I suspect that the powers that be want my site to be ‘hard to find’, because I touch many topics that Hot Air or Breitbart wouldn’t dare talk about such us Iran, Russia, Communism, Left Wing infiltration within the Libertarian movement and so on.

I am also having the same problem on Facebook. The Conservative Monster Facebook Page was doing very well in 2009 & 2010 and then suddenly the brakes were put on. I have barely gotten new followers since 2010.

I am being singled out.

This site needs sponsors badly or it is finished, because I am being strangled via censorship and suppression. It is that simple. I am not talking about donations; I am talking about actual businesses and corporations that are willing to sponsor this site.

Sponsors can donate HERE


The Conservative Monster getting back on track

Conservative News Update:

The Conservative Monster rankings seem to be back on track. I added the domain name to the headline and that could have confused the search engines. I still do believe Google is suppressing my search results by dumping me on page 5 after ‘Conservative News’ is searched.

The site is ranked 285,000 in the USA (according to Alexa) and that is not easy to do considering there are 300 million websites and the ‘porn addiction’.

It might take another week or two for the global rankings to get stronger again.


How to search for recent ‘Conservative News’ on Google

con news

Conservative news search on

Conservative News Update:

Google is hands down the #1 search engine or tool that drives traffic to also known as The Conservative Monster. Facebook comes in 2nd and Twitter is 3rd.

After you search for ‘Conservative News’ on Google, go under the search box and to the right. You will see an option for ‘search tools’. Select the option for ‘past hour’. should show up on that first page since I am constantly updating the website. Otherwise, I seem to be buried under many other sites (when ‘All’ is selected) that claim to be conservative, but they are really repeating the same PC script that you see on Fox News.

Don’t get me wrong, I would take Fox News over CNN any day, but they are clearly in fear of speaking the total truth about this radical move towards Socialism. Marxism can’t be defeated if you are afraid to say the words Socialism, Communism, Fascism or Marxism.

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The Conservative Monster is now linked to

Conservative News Update –

I was lazy in November and The Conservative Monster rankings got slammed for it. I wasn’t adding special keywords to the news stories like I usually do and I had to fix the problem immediately. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal in 2 weeks.

I also bought the rights to This should help attract more readers when people search for “Conservative News” on Google.

You can still get to The Conservative Monster the same as you always have. The only reason this change was made is to attract new readers and get better search results when people are looking for “Conservative News” on Google.

The majority of traffic that comes to The Conservative Monster comes from Google; Facebook is 2nd.

I noticed that many people find the site on Google by searching The Conservative Monster, but “Conservative News” is more popular search. Everything happens for a reason and I believe this experiment will help improve traffic.



Will The Conservative Monster be the Top ‘Hate Site’ of 2013?

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

The Southern Poverty Law Center (stooges for the Marxist Democrats) declared the Conservative Monster as one of the top hate sites of 2012.

Since when is being anti-Communist hateful? I guess only Communists see it that way? Well, I deserve the award if being anti-communist is considered hateful. Where do I accept this award, because I want to give a speech that will make the communist rats faint in their limousines.

The Year in Hate & Extremism: The Southern Poverty Law Center has The Conservative Monster in their Cross Hairs