Video of Times Square shoot out between the NYPD and emotionally disturbed man


Steve Cooper
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The man didn’t have a gun. He allegedly was reaching into his pocket to point something at the police and they fired their weapons.


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NYPD: Extra Police to Patrol Times Square During Easter Due to Gang Initiation Threat

Times Square

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

NYPD is to beef up its patrols ahead of Easter Sunday amid fears over yearly gangland initiations – @NBCNews – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Photo of NYPD Cop buying shoes for homeless man goes viral

Steve Cooper


I was reading the comments for this photo on the Daily Mail website and one woman brought up an excellent point. How many wealthy people walked past this cold, homeless man with no shoes and didn’t offer him any help? NYPD rookie cops are not paid very much money at all and this officer did something special here.

It was an honor to work next to officers like Officer Deprimo.

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