Obama and Putin Trying to Hide their ‘Bromance’ from the Public?

Steve Cooper

The Conservative Monster

Obama insisted that Russia was ‘our friend’ and that the ‘Cold War’ was over. Obama even attacked Mitt Romney for daring to mention that “Russia was America’s gravest threat’. I have stated many times on this website the past year: Obama and Putin will stage a feud over Syria. They want to use this feud to usher in global economic unrest and revolution to bring GLOBAL CHANGE.

Sure, this photo looks like they don’t get along and stooges like Brit Hume played up that fact on Twitter yesterday by making this comment:

So, of course the sheep go in line whatever Fox News reports to them, because they can be easily manipulated. How does Brit Hume know whether if this is an act or not? He doesn’t…

I saw the comments on Twitter. You must be brain dead if you can’t see that Obama and Putin are acting to not like each other in this photo. Here are a few more of my Tweets about this story:



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