Cuts to Military Hospitals Were Inevitable


Steve Cooper

I warned one of these brainwashed left wingers in my family over a year ago that Obama was going to cut money to the Veterans hospitals. When will these idiots learn that left wingers hate the US Military and people in general? Compassion? That is just another one of the BIG LIES, because there is nothing compassionate about making people slaves to the Government.

This ‘relative’ is an Army Veteran in his 60’s that only cares about gays in the military and gay marriage. Any Veteran that voted for Obama is a disgrace. PERIOD…

Thousands of US Soldiers died fighting communism around the world and you have the balls to VOTE FOR ONE? It doesn’t get any lower than that.

I also predict that many of these Veteran Hospitals will eventually be ordered to accept civilians too. So, good luck getting an appointment.

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