UN accuses Vatican of adopting policies that allowed priests to rape children

Conservative News Update:

Really, the UN should suggest that the Vatican find a way to weed ‘gay men out’ from the priesthood.

If a man rapes a young boy, clearly that man is GAY. Liberals try to spin the issue into pedophilia, but that is because they lie about everything. There aren’t any cases that I can recall of priests raping young girls, because the priests are GAY. They only want to rape BOYS.

This is common sense, but liberals have none of that either.


I’m no Marxist, Pope Francis tells conservative critics

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Conservative News Update:

VATICAN CITY, – Pope Francis, responding to conservative criticisms that his economic and social ideas smack of communism, said in an Italian newspaper interview on Sunday that he is not a Marxist but that even Marxists can be good people.

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Obama’s call to close Vatican embassy is ‘slap in the face’ to Roman Catholics

I call it Obammunism for a reason…


The Catholic Church: Stay or Go?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


First, I was not very pleased with all of the ‘social justice’ talk surrounding the new Pope Francis. The media was just having too much fun with words like ‘progressive’ and ‘social justice’ that I said to myself, “It might be time to leave the Catholic Church” and I was going to say it publicly on my website.

Then, I heard a voice that told me “No”…so I didn’t, but I must admit that I wasn’t too pleased. I also offended many Catholics on Twitter, because I was not happy with Pope Francis being chosen. Even though, I did predict a Hispanic or black Pope was going to be chosen. I was correct again.

TODAY, I was talking to my 85 year old uncle and he had the same premonition that I did. He said that he was going to leave the Catholic Church, but he thought about it and something told him NO. He explained to me that we will be needed in the future to help turn things around from within. – INTERESTING…

My uncle also had an interesting theory.

He said that he believes the UN will appoint the Vatican to be in charge of supervising Jerusalem during a peace treaty after the next major Israeli conflict.

The fact that the UN and the Vatican will work together is not a good sign if he is correct.


The Catholic Church stopped warning about the Communist threat after the Russians hired Muslims to shoot Pope John Paul. The Soviet Union fell? Tell that to Poland, because they are desperately seeking a missile shield and it isn’t because of Iran like the media reports.

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The Global Warming Pope?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Pope Francis urges protection of the environment, world’s poor and weak


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Will the UN and Gays Unite Against the Vatican to Accept a Global Tax and Gay Marrage?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Here are some comments that I posted on Facebook about this topic:

Will the gay lobby push the UN Human Rights commission to force the Vatican to accept gay marriage or it will be considered a hate crime?

Liberals want Pope Francis to ‘clean up’ the Catholic Church, but they would have a heart attack if gay priests were targeted in the process. Once gay marriage is the law of the land, churches will be threatened to marry gays or lose their tax free status.

The pressure that will come from the UN against the Vatican will be bigger than ever seen before. Just wait..

A Bishop stated on CNN that Pope Francis is into social justice and wealth redistribution to the poor.

There will be a lot of pressure on this Pope by the UN to convince the world that a global tax is needed to rid the world of poverty. Global warming…

A Bishop was interviewed on CNN saying Pope Francis was into social justice. Bill Donahue from the Catholic League said it too…he is into social justice.

Will the Catholic Church be forced to go along with the NWO or face losing their tax free status on their American wealth? Many pro-abortion Democrats are Catholics, because they are Socialists first and Catholics second.
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Is the Next Pope the Last Pope?