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Allen West’s attorney claims to have proof of ‘voter discrepancies’

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   I have a confession to make: You all knew my prediction about the Presidential race. I said CLEARLY that it would be rigged and Obama would win in a ‘close race’ by voter fraud. I was…

Former Florida elections chief on West-Murphy: ‘How do you get away with doing a partial recount?’

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com Allen West got robbed… The Establishment has punished him for exposing the Communists within the Democrat Party. http://www.postonpolitics.com/2012/11/former-florida-elections-chief-on-west-murphy-how-do-you-get-away-with-doing-a-partial-recount/ Posted from WordPress Wireless   Amazon.com – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Evidence of Voter Fraud Mounts: Obama Won More Than 99 Percent Of The Vote In More Than 100 Ohio Precincts

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   http://patdollard.com/2012/11/massive-election-fraud-evidence-mounts-obama-won-more-than-99-percent-of-the-vote-in-more-than-100-ohio-precincts/ Posted from WordPress Wireless Amazon.com – Cellfood Liquid Concentrate, 1-Ounce Bottle