Is It Iraq’s Turn to Liberate the USA?



Steve Cooper

How come the Democrats weren’t seeking to ban high capacity magazines of Iraqi citizens during the war that were killing US Soldiers?

Maybe it is the Iraqi’s turn to LIBERATE US?

George Bush gave the Iraqi people the right to vote. Here in the USA; the Democrats fought against Voter ID laws making voter fraud much easier to commit. This has taken away the legitimacy of your vote and your voice.

I have seen so much propaganda over the years coming from Libertarians that suggests they want Russia to liberate the USA from fascists like George Bush and Obama. These radicals are further left of Obama’s public figure. Obama only appears moderate publicly, but he will “show his teeth” after the right crisis emerges.

Libertarians are sadly mistaken if they believe that Vladimir Putin will liberate them. The only thing that Putin will give them is a bullet in the head. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Romney Turned Down One Hour Primetime Fox News Interview Night Before Election Day

Steve Cooper

Of course Romney turned down this interview the night before the election.

I warned the sheep that the Republicans were afraid to win this election. That is why they allowed the voter fraud and are still silent about it.

Keep drinking the Dick Morris Kool Aid…

Romney Turned Down One Hour Primetime Fox News Interview Night Before Election Day – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

Attorney General of Virginia Suggests President Obama Stole The Election

Steve Cooper


Of course Obama stole the election; I predicted this would happen after he stole the 2008 election against John McLame. This is how communists operate… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

Pravda Article About Obama Being a Communist is Psych Warfare?

Steve Cooper


Russia and China’s economies are moving up via Capitalism as the US economy is being sabotaged with strict regulations and high taxes.


This Pravda article came out several days ago, but I have been too disgusted to even write  about it at this point.

This is psych warfare by Pravda, because they want Russia to appear non threatening and like a potential liberator of the American people. Libertarians eat that stuff up, because they tend to be very pro Soviet. Putin is not your friend and liberating you is the furthest thing from his mind.

Pravda and Obama are on the same side. They are helping to spread the paranoia about communism and Obama being a Communist. That is the key to starting social unrest along with smashing the American economy.

Pravda’s goal has always been to promote fear so it turns the American people against the government. Obama wants this too, because it can create a National emergency and a reason for Martial Law.

The way to balance the global economy according to the Marxist mind is to allow Russia and China to move up via Capitalism. Then sabotage the US economy with strict regulations and high taxes.

Michael Savage discusses the Pravda Article and Voter Fraud – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

A message from Allen West

Steve Cooper


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for their support during this effort to ensure the integrity of our electoral process. It is truly humbling.

I cannot state enough how proud I am to stand with each and every one of you, patriots all. You are the bedrock of our constitutional republic. – Allen West – Cellfood Liquid Concentrate, 1-Ounce Bottle

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Allen West’s attorney claims to have proof of ‘voter discrepancies’

Steve Cooper


I have a confession to make:

You all knew my prediction about the Presidential race. I said CLEARLY that it would be rigged and Obama would win in a ‘close race’ by voter fraud. I was 100% correct.

I also knew that Allen West would be targeted with fraud too since he exposed the communists within the Democrat Party and he was, BUT I thought that he would prevail. I figured that the commies would be more worried about cheating for Obama rather than some race for congress in Florida. The votes are much closer than I expected them to be.

I will be deeply disappointed if Allen West loses this election. It would be a tragedy to the Nation. I am praying that he prevails, because he is a man of honor.


Update – this video contains white people protesting for Allen West and black people that are protesting AGAINST Allen West. This is not about race…this is about leeching off of the Government. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Michael Savage: The RINO Republicans Undermined Allen West

Steve Cooper – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies