Hundreds rally in protest over stolen Ukraine election

Steve Cooper

Stolen election? This is what the Democrats are currently planning here…

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Long Lines to Vote Early in Florida

Steve Cooper



You will never see another fair presidential election in your lifetime, because we are dealing with corrupt thugs that will stop at nothing to attain absolute power. This is more than just Democrats. This is an International conspiracy… – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Some Electronic Voting Machines Switching Votes from Romney to Obama

Steve Cooper


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Romney would win this election by a landslide if it were legit, but it won’t be. The LEFT will do whatever it takes to steal this election and the Republicans will be silent about it when it is over just like McCain was in 2008. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Offensive Video Warning: A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW)

Steve Cooper


Let me tell you something about the so called ‘Greatest Generation’. The Greatest Generation ignored the warnings of Senator McCarthy and that was the final line in the sand to stop this Communist assault that we are witnessing today.

I saw this video last night, but I am sick so I am taking it easy today. This is reverse psychology. The Democrats will steal and cheat in next weeks election. Communists always point their finger at the opposition for deeds that they do. Michael Moore did this video. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies


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Van Loads of Somali’s Being Driven to Vote by Democrats in Ohio?

Steve Cooper

Courtesy of the Drudge Report

Tea Party rookies called me pessimistic when I warned that Obama will steal this next election. Well, here it comes. Let’s see how much cheating it will take this time…

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Poll: Are you concerned about voter fraud in the upcoming Presidential Election?

Media Boycott Day – Nov. 5th, 2012

Steve Cooper

I created this event on Facebook. Please help spread the word….

– Boycott of ALL MEDIA due to their bias and refusal to warn the people about the danger of this march towards Socialism.- The abuse of Freedom of the Press to sabotage a Presidential Election is equal to treason and sedition. Their betrayal to freedom will never be forgiven.

– This is a War against Capitalism by Leftists and the Liberal Media is aiding them.- OWS Panel Conspiring the Collapse of Capitalism– The destruction of Capitalism will end freedom as we know it. Just study history and you will see where this is ending up on a Global level. Just ask someone that has fled tyranny their opinion.The day before Election Day 2012 – Nov. 5thGo to Facebook Event – Media Boycott Day – Nov. 5th, 2012 for more…

Mainstream media is threatening our country’s future | Fox News Best Sellers – Computers