How many suicides were caused by Obama’s ‘absence of passion’ for the Military?

Conservative News Update:

Robert Gates states in his book “Duty” that Obama lacked passion for the mission that the U.S. Military was facing in the Middle East. So, how many young soldiers joined the Military and then realized that they threw their life away, because the Democrats & Libertarians undermined BOTH wars.

The Libertarians will just blame Israel like they always do.

How many of these soldiers felt hopeless enough to take their own lives? It is time for an investigation into US Military depression and suicide.

Will a Middle East War Be Used to Sell the Need for World Government?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

It is interesting that there always seems to be a spike in chaos one month prior to a G-8 or a G-20 Summit. This is to sell the people the need for a much tighter cooperation between the world’s powers to solve ‘Global’ issues. Death, economic chaos, threats of war with WMD’s. This trauma causes fear and that is when they got ya.

This is called Pre-conditioning. Pre-conditioning is a process in which an entity is exposed to a form of some stress or stimulus to prepare it for further encounters with a similar stress or stimulus.

I have noticed that many videos that try to brainwash people show traumatic images in rapid succession to shock and awe the viewer to pay attention. The images basically hypnotize the viewer. The 9/11 Truther movement did this to brainwash millions on You Tube. This is also done to bring out emotion and to open the viewer up to suggestion. To make them vulnerable.

An example would be the video of death in Syria and the chemical attack. This was released to the public to create shock and mental trauma. This mental trauma makes some people shut down the news, sad or enrages others. No matter what it is done for a reason.

The media shows people images of death in Syria and then two weeks later video of the world’s leaders gathering together at the G-20 to solves the world’s problems. This is done to ‘comfort’ so people will feel more at ease. They are selling the need for World Government.

An economic disaster will be staged during and after this coming Middle East war. The US and Israel will be blamed for this economic chaos. This will be used as propaganda to get rid of ‘tired’ Capitalism for something new, but it won’t really be new. It will be Communism sold under a different banner. Massive wealth redistribution like never seen before in the world. The UN already recycles American money to the rest of the world. This is a global tax being disguised as ‘financial aid’.

Progressive World Government will probably be used as the term since that label is much cleaner than the tainted labels of Socialism and Communism.

Syria, WW III and Changing the World Forever


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Is Obama Setting Up US Troops for a Massive Defeat in Syria?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Obama’s withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq is the real cause of the chaos in Syria. Assad felt less threatened after US Troops were pulled out. – Steve Cooper


The Far Left support tyrants and the atrocities that they commit, because it lowers the population and brings CHANGE. This is why Leftists and Libertarians are against any intervention to stop bloodshed; anywhere in the world.

After all; you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

What type of change? The end of Capitalism and the US Dollar for one.

Syria is clearly a conspiracy that has been planned for a long time by Russia and the American Left. This war will happen no matter what and it will expand across the region (Israel). Syria and Iran should have been taken out a long time ago, but they have been protected by Russian (and Chinese) threats of WW III.

In 2006, I predicted that the Russians wanted to make sure that a Democrat was in the White House when a war with Iran broke out, because they can influence the Democrat Party. This means the Russians could control the events as they take place; whereas they would have much less influence over a Republican.

I came to this conclusion by watching the Democrats (Biden and Reid) attack George Bush to protect Iran from being bombed in during the 2006-2007 time frame. I believe that this was Treason after knowing that Iran (and Syria) participated in training and funding terrorists in Iraq directly linked to killing US Soldiers. I knew that the Democrats were up to something in regards to Iran.

An attack on Syria is also seen as an attack on Iran. I would support bombing Syria if Allen West were the President instead of Barack Hussein Obama. Libertarians and Leftists would have a fit if a real  warrior led the US like Allen West.

Syria and Iran were linked to aiding terrorists in Iraq that killed US Troops during the war. So, their medicine is long overdue. There should be no mercy when dealing with these fanatical Muslim terrorists that are proxies of Russia (nothing changed from the days of the USSR).

Putin and Obama are friends and this feud is being staged to start something bigger in the Middle East. Trust me, because I PREDICTED it was coming in 2012 (feel free to search my archives). I know everything that these left wing frauds do.

The Syrian rebels are a bunch of Arab TV actors…don’t believe the hype. I do believe that the chemical attack was real. The death is real, but the orchestration that you see in the media of these rebels is a joke. Assad could crush these Rebel Cowboy’s within one week if he wanted to.

The civil war in Syria is being done to appear weaker to their enemy Israel, but Bibi knows that it is deception. Assad is also trying to bait more radical Muslims into the region for the coming war against Israel. Obama is really helping Assad (not Israel) lure in more Muslims radicals by giving this conflict more attention.

Raising the price of oil for Russia and OPEC is another gift from Obama’s Syria adventure.


So, Obama wants to start a war with Syria (and Iran eventually) after he withdrew US Troops from Iraq? He gave up the strategic advantage by having troops on both of their borders in Iraq. This tells me that Obama is staging a massive defeat for US Troops in Syria and Iran. This staged defeat is similar to how the Soviets staged their own military and economic collapse. The US is following that same playbook.

The goal is to make the US a basket case like the former Soviet Union appeared to be. Putin knows the truth about the strategic advantages of the USSR staging their collapse to lower the America’s guard. Leftists want the US National Defense to be paralyzed by crushing debt from wars that they make un-winnable and very costly.

Sequestration cuts have weakened the US Military according to Lt Gen. McInerny. He stated on Fox News that “the US Military is not the same as it was five years ago due to CUTS”.

It is no secret that the Democrats are traitors and that they can’t be trusted for one second when it comes to Foreign Policy. Also, you can add Libertarians to the list of those that can’t be trusted on Foreign Policy as well.

The LEFT want to turn the American people into anti war leftists, because they are purposely making the wars un-winnable and very costly. The Rules of Engagement constantly gives the advantage to the enemy on purpose so… WE LOSE.

I could type until my fingers are falling off, because the people only believe news or analysis if it has the Fox News or CNN stamp of approval on it. It doesn’t matter how accurate I have been in the past, because many still reject. The hardcore Conservative Monster fans that have been with me since day one have seen everything fall into place just as I predicted that it would.

Syria, WW III and Changing the World Forever

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Why Israel Needed to Hit Syria Before Iran

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Many times people would question me when I would say that Israel needs to strike Syria FIRST, before they hit Iran.

The answer is STRATEGY and this was long overdue.

  • Syria is closer to Israel
  • Syria has been arming Hezbollah in Lebanon with Iranian weapons
  • Iran will be put into an offensive position rather than defensive
  • Iran has a pact to defend Syria from any attack and now the ball is in their court

This is a feeling out process. Obama and Hillary Clinton put Israel into a bad spot by decapitating the leaders of Libya and Egypt. The Muslim terrorists have lots of room to train now.

Obama helped Iran by withdrawing US Troops from Iraq. This was a sign to Moscow and Iran that Obama is ready to play ball with them. The enemy within…

Putin and Obama have something up their sleeves and no matter what; the end game is to make Israel look like the BAD GUY.

Did Obama ask Bibi to bomb Syria as a distraction for the Benghazi hearings this week?

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The Communist and Muslim Axis of Evil Still Lives: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…and MORE

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


The Communist and Muslim Axis of Evil Still Lives: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…and MORE. I would also like to add Syria, Pakistan and Venezuela to this Axis of Evil as well. Hugo Chavez was a big help to Iran, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah with American oil dollars.


North Korean threats against the USA is an attempt by Communist and Muslim enemies of the USA to create fear and paranoia onto the American people. The enemy wants you to know that they are still alive and well after 10 years of war against their proxy Al Qaeda.


Russia and China are using these proxies to beat the American people into submission and surrender. The Democrats have been playing for both teams for quite a while. This is why Obama is allowed to make gains in the war on terror, because he is demolishing the American economy after 10 years of expensive wars that are not allowed to be won due to threats of WW III by Russia and China.


It still amazes me that many Americans haven’t put this puzzle together yet. The complete puzzle says that this is a ‘war against Capitalism’ that is being waged by proxy forces of Russia, China and Iran that want to bankrupt he USA.


Terrorism via Iran and threats by North Korea is active psychological warfare against the American people. This is warfare 101; to weaken the will of the people and the economic strength to defeat the enemy prior to a larger conflict.


The ultimate goal here is submitting to a World Communist Government, but it will really be called a World Progressive Government so people aren’t scared.


This World Progressive Government will be based on massive tax hikes on the USA to redistribute it’s wealth around the globe. We will be told that there will be no more wars or poverty, but there will be tyranny and corruption instead. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Russian General: Russian Forces are Ready for a Major War!

Steve Cooper

So, Obama and the Democrats want to cut money to the US Military as a Russian General warns “we are ready for a major war”? This as Russian (and Chinese) terror proxies, North Korea and Iran act as a distraction for the media.

The wool is being pulled over your eyes by communist lies and deception.

Once again, I predict that a staged war will be manufactured by Obama and the Russians. This is why Obama, the Democrats and the media would never mention the news that I report daily from the Russian media. The Russians are letting their loyal followers know that Communism never died and we are making a come back with the help of Agent Obama.

When the time comes…the USA will have to surrender to Russia and China based on massive military cuts. George Bush will be blamed and the sheep will just agree, but it will all be staged.

The USA won the Cold War? Well, why does Russia have to escort the USA into space if the USA won? The sheep are just too dumbed down and brainwashed. It is sickening..

Now you know why The Conservative Monster is the most dangerous website on the Internet. Drudge may be bigger, but he can’t put this puzzle together.

Thanks Comrades…

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Video of Israel’s Iron Dome intercepting rockets launched by Gaza Muslims – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies