DC Police Chief: We will enforce the law if Adam Kokesh and armed protesters plan to march through DC

Steve Cooper



A Conservative Monster fan tipped me off about this last week, but I have been very busy.

Adam Kokesh Facebook event to march into DC with armed weapons on the 4th of July.

I smacked a few of the nutty Libertarians that worship this nut job. Most of them are 9/11 Truthers of course….NO SHOCK.

This crazed Libertarians really love Obama, because he will bring the Revolution that they have been dreaming of. These are the same paranoid nuts that hid under their bed shouting that GW Bush was going to declare Martial Law.



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Retired General Witnessed the Family Research Council Shooting in Washington DC

Steve Cooper

Let me repeat…This is the start of a SOCIALIST REVOLUTION and The Conservative Monster is the only website saying it.

The suspected terrorist had 15 Chick Fila bags inside his knapsack and he allegedly told the DC Police “I don’t agree with their politics”. The Family Research Council is a Christian group and it was targeted due to their stance against Gay Marriage. The Democrats love to preach about tolerance, but they are the most intolerant of the bunch.

The hate that the Democrats spew against anyone that opposes their views whether it is on Gay Marriage, Global Warming or cutting the deficit are immediately labeled as ‘racist’ and a ‘hater’. These hateful verbal attacks by Democrats are causing their radical followers to commit acts of violence.

What type of person would shoot up a movie theater, a Sikh Temple or a Christian Think Tank? The psychological profile of that person is anti-establishment and anti-Religion. I just described today’s Democrat Party.

I have been to many peaceful Tea party protests and none of them were violent like the Occupy Wall Street protesters that are mostly Democrats and Ron Paul Libertarians.

General Boykin told Beck in this interview “We are losing this country” and he is certainly right about that.