Activists urge Obama to go rogue, sidestep Congress

Conservative News Update:

I have warned over and over again that the Democrats want an Obama Dictatorship already. The change these radicals want is Mao or Stalin instead of Jimmy Carter Part II.

In middle of gun-control push, Obama pardons man on weapon conviction

King Obama laughs at his jesters.

This is pretty funny, but why am I crying?


The Democrats and the Media Will Blame the Tea Party for Defense Cuts?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Posted on Twitter @cnin – The Democrats and media will blame the Tea Party for military defense cuts after a false flag. #randpaul #libertarians


The Democrats have been attacking military defense spending for my entire life time, but now they will have someone else to blame when it creates a National Security crisis. They will blame the Tea Party for something that the Democrats have wanted for a long time.

Rand Paul, his father and the Libertarians are the reason why the Tea Party is finished. It was hijacked away from the Conservatives masterfully. Lenin once said “the best way to control the opposition is to infiltrate it and run it yourself”. This is what the Libertarians did to to the Tea Party.

Republicans on Fox News like to say the word Conservative, but they lack the guts to warn about the War against Capitalism by Communists.


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‘Warmer’ Al Gore exploits the death and destruction of Hurricane Sandy

Steve Cooper


Al Gore, is as low as they come and the media lets him get away with his carbon credit scam. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies