Will an Obamacare crisis be used to censor free speech as Winston Churchill warned?

Steve Cooper

Winston Churchill warned: “No Socialist Government could afford free, sharply worded speech of discontent. They would have to fall on some form of Gestapo that would nip in the bud opinion and stop criticism.”

Remember, Rahm Emanuel’s comment? “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. The Democrats have already labeled their opposition as ‘terrorists, anarchists, extremists and radicals’, but the Tea Party won’t make 70% of the country lose it’s healthcare. It was Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Biden that did it.

Expect more vicious attacks by Obama and his group of radical surrogates that want to intimidate people from speaking out by labeling them as ‘crazy, extreme and radical’. These tactics come right out of Alinsky’s Communist playbook.

Just shake off the attacks, because Democrats run for the hills once they hear the words Socialist or Communist. Why are Democrats ashamed to admit that they are Socialists or Communists? Why are these words forbidden to be mentioned during this debate?

If the Democrats want to have a ‘fair and balanced debate about turning the US into a Socialist and then Communist Country, then they should plead their case. The people see through your lies and they know exactly who and what you are.

Could a major crisis in the healthcare industry be used to censor free speech about how bad Obamacare is, because Democrats would ‘worry’ that it could ‘incite violence’? Obama would love a major crisis to be a roadblock to the next election. Perfect timing huh? Leftists and Libertarians shouted that Bush would declare martial law, because they were acting as a distraction for what the ‘far left’ had planned.

Free medical care? Nothing is ever ‘free’…

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