Wounded Warrior Project Link Added to The Conservative Monster Sidebar on Memorial Day

w warriors

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This Memorial Day, I added the Wounded Warrior link onto The Conservative Monster.

It was the least that I could do since thousands of US Soldiers gave their lives to fight Communism only to have the ‘American Idiots’ elect one to be President.

Then, Obama surrendered to Iran by withdrawing the troops from Iraq; losing the strategic advantage against Russia’s #1 terror proxy and the real culprits of 9/11/01. Sure, Iran used Saudi hijackers to deflect the blame towards their enemies. Very clever…

I always believed that George Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to ensure that Iran was surrounded. Democrats and Libertarians (the Ron Paul crowd) gave ‘aid and comfort’ to the enemy, Iran by attacking George Bush to prevent him from bombing Iran.

Who do you think was arming and training all of these terrorists that were killing American Soldiers in the Middle East? You got it….IRAN.


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