Terrorism expert: Someone needs to blitz Iran

Rubin thinks it would be a good strategic distraction for Israel and/or the United States to talk about attacking Syria, and then launch a surprise attack to take out Iran’s nuclear threat.


6 thoughts on “Terrorism expert: Someone needs to blitz Iran

  1. Straightforward and to the point insights by David Rubin, former mayor of Israeli city of Shiloh.
    He can leave out the words “don’t think” that’s what they’re planning and insert : that’s NOT what they’re planning.
    We have to figure out the plan I’m afraid. Question is, what do we do about it? WTH are we who can’t even convince our IDIOT friends and neighbors of the threat posed by Iran??
    This is going to take a lot of reading and pouring over historical events if you ask me. There are steps we can take as a country but WHERE will our GOOD and JUST leader come from? The clear blue sky?
    Perhaps he will..

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