The 2nd Amendment is About Self Defense From an Oppressive Government

Steve Cooper

The 2nd Amendment is more than just about self defense from an attacker. It is about self defense from an oppressive government. – Steve Cooper



I wrote this comment on Twitter and it went viral like no other quote that I have written before.

The NRA is just a distraction. The communists will target gun manufacturers, ammo and dealers. That is another way around the 2nd Amendment.

I believe they will link gun permits to your drivers licence and Obamacare. You can’t drive or get medical care unless you give up the guns.

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15 thoughts on “The 2nd Amendment is About Self Defense From an Oppressive Government

  1. We are the counter revolutionaries. Obama and his ilk are the revolutionaries who have overthrown our Constitutional form of gov’t. This is a very important distinction. If you listen to the Larry Grathwold video from 1980 about how the commies want to take over and kill 25 million Americans who don’t want to go along with communism, he said they referred to us as counterrevolutionaries. They know the difference.

    • Elitists like Bloomberg and Michael Moore want the middle class disarmed ASAP, because there will be riots between ‘the haves and have nots’.

      Why is CNN exploiting dead children from the Connecticut shooting to push their anti-gun agenda? #NRA

      Conservative Monster ‏@cnin
      Where is the call to ban Hip Hop and Rap music? #gun violence

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